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6 Ridiculously Small Homes (under 50sqm!) in Singapore That Won’t Make You Feel Claustrophobic

Whether it’s by choice or constraint, there are a few among us who are buying or already owning homes that are really small (think less than 50 square metres). You might feel your studio apartment or two-room HDB flat is too small to do anything fancy, but we completely disagree. Don’t believe us? Here are 8 tiny homes in Singapore that are just under 50 sqm, but are just as chic, comfy and clever as any of their bigger counterparts.

#1: This two-room HDB flat is all about simplicity in the open living and dining area. There are few furnishings, but the space still appears comfy thanks to the warm spotlights.

Don’t be afraid to use dark flooring. Combine it with light walls and ceiling to expand the visual space. A textured floor – here, the effect is made using wood-lookalike tiles – can create more interest than a plain one.

You already know that mirrors are a décor staple for small spaces. They are great for brightening your home and they make the area appear bigger than they really are. Using tinted ones softens the mood though, so go for them if you’re after a cosy vibe.

A predominantly white kitchen is a good way to make a space look bigger. But it may be a bit too boring. You can always add in textures to jazz things up like what the designer did for the kitchen backsplash.

Always think tall in a small home. Make use of vertical space to maximise storage.

There’s nothing blah about this petite bathroom. Outlined with blue LED lights, it emits a futuristic atmosphere to make bath-time a surreal treat.

Design: Absolook Interior Designer
Type: HDB
Location: Boon Lay
Size: 49 sqm


#2: An air of luxury permeates this studio apartment, which is decked out in marble flooring and covered in variety of soft furnishings.

The homeowner chose to create an open concept between the bedroom and living area with bi-fold glass doors in place of concrete walls. This ensures that the small space doesn’t feel too constricted.

Warm wood flooring was used for the bedroom floor rather than the same marble flooring that was used in the common space. The choice is obvious: the material yields a warmer underfoot than natural stone flooring.

The TV feature in the living room doubles as storage space. It stretches all the wall to the ceiling, to take advantage of the taller height in the room.

Design: AkiHaus
Type: Condo
Location: West Coast
Size: 41 sqm


#3: One of the best ways to make the most of your small space is to keep the colour scheme simple. A good choice is a black-and-white palette, which exudes understated class.

A sofa with floral motifs, a fancy crystal pendant and warm and cosy lights lend an elegance to this tiny home. Frills and embellishments, if those are your thing, can have their place in a small space. The key is to keep them in check and not go overboard with too many details. Always balance complexity with simplicity.

Odd-shaped room? Embrace the awkwardness! Instead of hiding the nooks and crannies with built-ins or furnishings, the designer chose to keep things sparse in this bedroom – all the better to showcase the unique asymmetrical shape of this space.

Design: Corazon Interior
Type: Condo
Location: Oxley Rise
Size: 46 sqm


#4: Make Room did a major overhaul in this shoebox apartment, by moving the kitchen to the existing balcony area so that the cooking space, which is frequently used, can be flooded with natural light.

The space may be small, but each area is utilised to the full extent. Walls, for instance, are covered with hidden storages, which help to keep clutter at bay.

We like that most of the furniture in the apartment are not bulky and are light enough so that they can be moved around the home to serve another purpose or stowed away when not in use.

Design: Make Room
Type: Condo
Location: River Valley
Size: 45 sqm


#5: This condominium features a modern Japanese aesthetic, an appropriate theme for a small home because the style is all about clean silhouettes and minimal furnishings.

Keep your small space clutter free by compartmentalising. The appliances in this kitchen and laundry room are compartmentalised, keeping the zone neat and tidy.

The pull-out table serves as an extra dining area for the homeowner, who likes to have his meal in the living room. It can be stowed away into the recess, without taking up extra room when not in use.

Hide your doorway to create a more seamless look. Here, the entrance to the bedroom is swathed in the same woodgrain laminate as the TV feature wall.

Design: Space Atelier
Type: Condo
Location: Sengkang
Size: 40 sqm


#6: Walking into this small apartment, one might wonder where everything is. Because the only thing you can see is really just a bed, a lounge chair and wardrobe-lined walls in the meagerly decorated room. The only thing that stands out is the attention-grabbing architectural headboard.

But open up the wardrobe doors and the space slowly reveals itself. The one at the corner conceals a kitchenette, stocked with everything you would find in a functional kitchen plus the sink.

Open another door and you find the laundry room. Another and you’ll find the closet, chock full of the latest fashion and accessories.

The bomb shelter also serves several purposes: to store the homeowners’ extensive shoe collection and function as a store room to keep miscellaneous items like the vacuum cleaner.

Design: The Association
Type: Condo
Location: Minbu Road
Size: 37 sqm


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