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Renozilla Journey: Getting the BTO keys

At long last, I finally got my paws on the BTO keys! It had been a long and arduous wait, but it’s definitely worth it! Well, it’s a small flat to be honest…only about 92 sqm but I love it from the second I stepped in. Before we go into that, however, you might be curious about the procedure for the final stage of obtaining your BTO so I’m going to briefly describe the steps. =D

First of all, you’ll be notified of your key collection date on your HDB portal. Congratulations! There is now finally a light at the end of the tunnel! An appointment letter will be sent shortly after to inform you of all necessary documents to bring on the actual day. Don’t forget to take your appointment letter as well.


What you need to bring:

Original copies of the following documents of all persons listed in the application form for verification:

  • Identity card
  • marriage certificate (for couples who are buying the flat under the Fiance/Fiancee Scheme and had applied for AHG)
  • certificate of fire insurance (must be purchased from HDB’s appointed insurer, ETIQA Berhad, on the 2nd storey of the HDB Hub, Atrium, if you’re taking a HDB loan)


Purchase of fire insurance:

  • Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment time.
  • Go up to the 2nd storey and look for the ETIQA counter.
  • Put your appointment letter in the box provided and wait for your name to be called.
  • Prepare your NETS card to pay for the insurance.
  • You may want to buy additional coverage on top of the basic fire insurance, but this is totally optional.


Appointment for key collection:

  • Immediately after getting your fire insurance, go back to the 1st floor to get your queue number by scanning the bar code on the appointment letter.
  • Sit and bite your fingernails till your number is called.
  • Your number is called! Proceed calmly to the counter and present your documents when requested. The HDB officer will advise you on the total amount to pay (after factoring in the various fees and deducting everything from your CPF).
  • Decide how long you want to service the loan e.g. 30 years, after which the HDB officer will advise you on the monthly instalment that will be deducted from your respective CPF.
  • If you’re using CPF to pay off your loan, then you’re required to be covered under the Home Protection Scheme (HPS). It’s basically a mortgage reducing insurance administered by the CPF Board that protects members who are permanently incapacitated or die prematurely before age 65 by paying the outstanding housing loan based on the amount insured under the HPS.
  • Sign lots of legal documents.
  • Before you can ride off into the sunset with your keys, you must pay the initial conservancy fees first. Your HDB officer will give you a payment advisement slip that you must take to the payment counter on the 3rd storey to pay.
  • Go back to your HDB officer with the receipt and you’re free to leave with your keys!
  • At this point, you’re free to decide whether you want to activate your utilities. If your renovation is not going to start any time soon, then you may want to postpone till about a few days before official work starts. Login to the online activation service here to choose your supply start date. =)

Hope the steps aren’t too confusing! Hehe…okay, in next post I will talk about the first opening of the door to my flat! Stay tuned!

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