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Renovation Trends Not in Vogue in Singapore

The world over, these renovation ideas may still be considered trendy. However, in Singapore, most of these renovation trends have died down, been buried and hopefully will never be resurrected again. We give you five renovation trends that are not considered trendy in Singapore:


  1. Granite counters. Do you remember when granite counters became all the rage in most households? Granite counters are not practical and very costly. Renovation contractors in Singapore used to swear by this – but not anymore. Although kitchen renovation with granite counters are very costly and considered posh, this trend had a lot of disadvantages. Granites crack, scorch and are impossible to install by yourself. You need professionals to install it.
  2. Wide plank flooring. Wide plan flooring feels sturdy, solid and smooth. However, wide plan flooring does not really have much of a place in Singapore home renovations. For one major reason: The homes are usually small. Wide plan flooring renovations are befitting for large spaces and not small ones – especially not in Singapore’s recent shoebox flat trends.
  3. Walk in tubs or large bath tubs. Do you remember walk in bath tubs? Do you have them installed in your home? First of all, walk in bath tubs or large bath tubs are not renovation contractor friendly. Because they require special structural support. Do remember that it supports the weight of the water too. Second, it is a waste of water. Save water, save the planet. Third, it is a waste of energy. Imagine the power used to heat all that water just so you can have a luxurious warm bath.
  4. Large kitchens. In Singapore renovations, large kitchens are considered a luxury enjoyed by the select few. Back in the day, even smaller homes wanted an entertainment kitchen – large space kitchen with television, wine cellars, etc. The works. Large kitchens will never work well in Singapore renovations because of the space restriction. Imagine living in an HDB where 2/3 of your space is a kitchen. Cringe. A well-crafted small kitchen actually is the best option for Singapore homes.

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