10 Renovation Tips to Level Up a Custom Built Bag Display Closet

  • Feb 2, 2023

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If you are a lover of luxury bags, it can be a big challenge to find an appropriate space for storing these bags when you have very limited space to work with. Hence, it is time to level up the organisation and proper storage of luxury bags to extend their lifespan, especially if these bags are investment items. With proper care, these bags can be kept in pristine condition for a lifetime.  

Therefore, here are a couple of renovation tips to take note of when you are considering a custom-built bag display closet for your most prized luxury bags. 

#1. Stay away from sunlight exposure

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The harsh sunlight can cause the colours of the bags to fade and ruin the leather. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can dry up the leather and make it look old and discoloured. Therefore, the ideal location of the bag display closet should be away from the window.

Tip: Use tinted glass for the glass front closet to keep out most of the sunlight.

#2. Keep away from extreme changes in temperature 

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The bags should be kept it in an area where the temperature is constant, as extreme changes in the temperature can affect the colour or the texture of the bags. Therefore, the bag display closet should not be in bedrooms where the air conditioner only runs at certain hours on of the day.

Tip: Keep the room cool and electrical bills in check by installing heavy duty curtains, blinds or other window treatments.

#3. Keep out the dust

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Exposure to dust can cause the bag's leather finish to discolour and it can also attract dirt and other particles that will damage the bag over time. Therefore, the display door cabinet should be installed with door seal strips to keep the dust from entering.

Tip:  Always wipe down the luxury bags with a leather cleaner before returning them to the shelf. Give suede bags a brush to remove any dust particles and maintain the soft look of the material.

#4. Keep moisture at bay with the dehumidifier rod

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When a bag is used regularly in the past, the humidity will build up when it is stored away for a long time. As moisture damages the suppleness of the leather causing it to turn brittle and crack. Furthermore, moisture can cause mould and fungus to thrive and grow on the bag.  Therefore always treat the leather bags with a leather moisturiser to retain the leather suppleness.

Tip: Either install a dehumidifier rod in the custom bag closet, set aside space for the hippo dehumidifier moisture absorbers, or put silica gel sachets in the bags to prevent mildew growth.

#5. Measurements are a must

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To maximise the storage capacity of the bag display closet, you must know the measurements of the bags in terms of height, width and length. Furthermore,, make sure that there is around 2cm space between each bag to prevent any possible colour transfers. In this way, you can fit as many bags in the bag display closet as possible.

Tip: Take the measurements of the bag when it is properly stuffed with a bag pillow. 

#6. Stay flexible with adjustable shelves

Image from Richelieu

Flexible shelving is a must, especially if the bag collection might increase in the future. Therefore, you should consider installing stainless steel or aluminium pilaster strips shelving system for the understated support in the bag display closet.

Tip: If the pilaster strips are an eyesore, cover them with crafting tape that is the same colour as the closet laminate.

#7. Glass dividers as bag cubbies

Image from closetphile

Bag cubbies and glass dividers are perfect tools to keep the bags organised, upright and also guard against colour transfers, friction and scuffs between bags. If you are using glass dividers, make sure that they are also flexible and can be adjusted according to your needs.

Tip: Use acrylic dividers instead of glass dividers if you are looking at keeping the cost down.

#8. Be creative with magazine holders

Image from Perpetually Chic

Corral small bags and clutches in magazine holders. In addition, clear magazine holders are perfect for storing slim bags and clutches – it keeps everything upright, neat and organized while making it very easy to locate the bag or clutch design and colour to match your outfit.

Tip: Magazine racks can also be used for organising small bags and cluthes.

#9. Install retractable wall hanging rods 

Image from afreshspace  

Banish clutter with a retractable hanging rod. In fact, retractable wall hanging rods are the most suitable if you are using hangers or hooks and wish to keep the space flexible. This is because these rods are height adjustable and thus are the most suitable to organise to accommodate varying bag designs and sizes that you own over time.

Tip: Consider using specifically made bag hangers that keep the shape of the bag handles.

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