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Renovation Tips for Your Garage


Now, not many people in Singapore have a garage. In a small island, space is quite a scarce resource. However, if you are one of the fewer percentage of the population who do own landed property, de-cluttering and renovation of your garage may at times prove to be quite a feat.

The problem with most garages is the need for a more usable and neater space. There are a number of ways you can do your garage renovation. Here are a few ways how you can do so:

Upgrade Your Lighting

Old bulbs will no longer do. Energy saving light are both functional and eco-friendly. You can opt to start your garage renovation by planning on the lighting. Find out how to maximize light and shadows to make your garage brighter, allow you to find your items a whole lot easier even at night, and make your garage more secure.

Create Shelves and Storage Spaces

As with most renovations, creating functional, aesthetically pleasing storage spaces is important. Add floor to ceiling shelves and storage cabinets to de clutter your garage. If you want, you can also add creative labels to make things easier to find.

The Drywall

The most popular material for finishing garage wall renovation is the dry wall. Drywall is not expensive, it is readily available and can be bought in most hardware stress and is easy to install.

The Flooring

The flooring used in your garage should be different from that of the rest of your house. One of the key components when it comes to garage renovation is finding the right material for your flooring. Concrete floors are the most popular, yet they are not too attractive. Tiles break easily, so they are not recommended. Vinyl doesn’t last too long. Ask your renovation contractor’s advice when it comes to choosing the right flooring.

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