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Renovation Packages

Just like interior design packages, Singapore has an abundance of renovation packages. Different renovation companies have different renovation packages. Most of them will most likely have something to suit your budget. Most of these companies’ packages are tailored to the needs of different type of renovation works which are very economical and very comprehensive.


Some of the renovation packages include the following:

  1. Renovation package for resale flats
    These are tailor made packages for pre- owned flats. Renovation of resale flats requires more care and evaluation than renovation of new flats. You have to watch for the components of the house that needs total fixing and those that only need upgrading.
  2. Renovation package for new flats – whole house
    This entails renovation for the whole house, including the plumbing and electric wiring. Since this package is for new flats, assessment will not be as tiring and as thorough as those for resale flats.
  3. Renovation for new flats – large spaces
    There are separate renovation packages for new flats with really large spaces. These packages are perfect for condominium units which have greater spaces than that of the typical HDB flat.
  4. Renovation for specific rooms – living room and dining room
  5. Renovation for specific rooms – bathroom and toilet
  6. Renovation for specific rooms – kitchen
  7. Special master bedroom makeover renovation package
    This package is often for special design or renovation requests for the master bedroom. It may also include the master bathroom, when specified.
  8. Renovation package for kitchen masonry works only
  9. Home cabinet package
    This package only includes the renovation of the built in cabinets of your home.

There are also value renovation packages offered by a variety of renovation companies. These value economical packages, however, don’t always give you with the best furnishings and finishing. If done right by a very reliable renovation company, you won’t even notice the difference.

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