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Renovation Insights Part 2: Utilizing Bay windows

What Are Bay Windows?

Bay window is a window space projecting outward from the main walls of a building, forming an elevated flat area in front of the window. Bay windows are often designed with window seats in mind for homeowners to sit in the windows to enjoy the view outside…. In fact, such design is very common in Victorian architecture.
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Nonetheless, bay windows are usually deemed as wasted space since most homeowners ran out of window treatments ideas for these bay window. Hence, bay windows are typically non-descript nightmares for them. 
Bay Windows ideas

Well, there are actually many ways to utilize bay windows. Homeowners typically throw a couple of cushions on the bay windows, to use that area as “sofa” or as tiny reading corner…
Nonetheless, aside from these, what else can you do with these bay windows?

Reading Nook
Image source: freshome
Fret not…read on for a few more bay window treatment ideas! 🙂

Bed Frames
Image source: freshome
Homeowners can make use of the bay area to host their mattresses and the extra area below can be utilized as storage area. Alternatively. they can build the headboards on top of the bay windows too.
Image source: freshome
Display Shelves & Drawers
Aside as reading corners and serving as bed frames, you can create display shelves or even storage drawers from them! 
Image source: home and decor
Image source: home and decor
Image source: kowyee



Nevertheless, if you have more than 1 bay window in a room, you can consider boxing up the one with a less favorable view and build a wardrobe in it to free up more floor area.
There you have it…all we need is to think out of the box to turn this “undesirable” feature it into something useful.
Hope you have enjoyed this short post..and happy weekend! 😀

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