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Renovation Guidelines to Achieve Your Ideal Home

Sometimes, we leave the planning feat to the renovation company we hired for a certain project. What some people fail to comprehend is that we need to be actively involved in the planning phase if we want the renovation to go according to our requirements. Here are some guidelines to help you plan out your ideal home.


  • Research. As with every major aspect in life, research counts. Make sure you scour magazines and interior design books; browse the Internet and other online reference materials; and seek the opinion of family and friends. Gather all the materials that pique you and show them to the renovation company you hired. Let them know which design you prefer for each room. If you have any further requirements or preferences, it is always advisable to let them know beforehand.
  • Stick to the classics. The latest trends are exactly what they are – fads that fade away in time. Those trends that may look en vogue now could look extremely silly when they become passé. To be safe, stick to the basics. Go for neutral colour schemes, streamlined furniture and timeless finishes.
  • Go for convenience. You must feel comfortable about your choice. Picture yourself using and living in the décor, furnishing and colour palettes that you have chosen and try to evaluate if you will feel comfortable living in it for the next 10 years. Home renovations are huge, expensive investments so make sure you will enjoy and be happy with the possible results.
  • It is always quality over quantity. Don’t scrimp. Though more expensive, invest in good quality materials, workmanship and furnishings. Invest in a good renovation company as well. It would be beyond sad if your home falls apart just two years after renovation because of bad quality. When choosing wood furniture, choose solid wood over plywood. They are sturdier and make a whole lot of difference in the long run.

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