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Renovation Guide: Finding the Right Furniture

You have selected the theme, the colour motif and the flooring. The partitions have been set and the overall ambience has been decided on. There is just one more step in your renovation endeavour and that one step is as crucial as the rest – finding the appropriate furniture. Taking time and doing research just to find right furniture is worth the effort. Investing in good quality furniture makes sense in the long run because of the durability of the pieces and the craftsmanship.


To complete your renovation the right way, take note of the following tips and avoid purchasing furniture pieces on impulse:

  • Do your research. Read up online, browse through magazines and find out which brand can really last long-term. Antique furniture have been tested through time, so they are definitely worthy investments. When looking at antiques, make sure that the finish fits perfectly with your overall look and feel. Note that fine lines, embellishments, trimmings and symmetry make a huge impact. When you have background knowledge about these things.
  • Consider the proportion of the furniture. If your space is large enough, then there will not be any issues with purchasing huge furniture. However, if space is a challenge, then it would be highly recommended to go for streamlined and sleek furniture collections.
  • Test out the furniture before purchasing it. Try the strength of the pieces, take note of the positioning of the bolts and check out the alignment of the legs. Some furniture shops offer a warranty. Do ask if your furniture dealer offers one.
  • Be observant when it comes to your furniture’s finishing. Make sure you will not buy something that easily loses its colour, chips or peels off.

Savvy buyers prefer to complete their home renovations by purchasing at least one antique furniture as investment. Adding antiques to your home makes your abode exude a distinctive elegance and adds a dash of personality.

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