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Renovation for the Nest to Make It Look Larger

Okay, so you find your new home fabulous. It is cosy, it is small and the space is just right for you, a bachelor (or a bachelorette). The problem comes when you start accepting guests or when parents, friends or relatives come to visit. All of a sudden, your new home seems way too small and you feel so self-conscious about it. The good news is that renovating a small home is not at all difficult. It is definitely a lot easier than renovating large residential spaces or commercial spaces. Here are some tips to help you renovate your home and make it look bigger than it actually is:


  1. Use light colours. Light, sunny colours or pastels make a room brighter and bigger. On the other hand, dark colours make the room seem smaller and cooler. You do not have to make all the furniture and furnishings in your room light coloured though. The key is in finding the right balance and maybe reserving the darker shades on a few accent pieces.
  2. Avoid using patterns. Patterns are very busy to the eye and pattern images that are four to five inches in size and above may just make a small room look even smaller.
  3. Windows can also do the trick. Remember how windows are considered essential aspects in a house design? The same applies to making your home seem larger than it is. Go big on windows and bring the light in.
  4. Smokes and mirrors. Mirrors are visual tricks used by most renovation companies in Singapore. Mirrors reflect light and make the illusion that a room is bigger than its actual size.
  5. Choose furniture that is in proportion to your home. Do not choose large furniture as they will just make your home obviously smaller.

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