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Renovation for Older Peoples’ Homes

Older people need special care and attention. When renovating their living spaces, you have to be very careful and be mindful of the tiniest details. Here are some things to take note of when renovating older people’s living spaces:



The Living Room

  • Make sure that there are no sharp corners in cases of falls. Renovate your home in such a way that there are no sharp objects that stand out from walls or corners.
  • Make sure the floor is not slippery. This is to prevent the elderly from falling or slipping and breaking their bones. Also, make sure that when you add in a mat or rug, it should always be a non-slip one.
  • Keep the living room bright and well-lit. Also, keep it well-ventilated. The elderly should not be groping around in the dark. The light switch or lamp switch should also be always within arm’s reach.

The Dining Room

  • Make sure that non-slip mats are used in the dining area. In addition, make sure that when you renovate the dining area, the floors installed should not be the slippery kind.
  • Keep the refrigerator firmly in position and avoid putting it up a platform of any kind. Putting the refrigerator up in a platform would make it prone to toppling over and for a worst case scenario, falling on top of someone.

The Bedroom

  • Make sure the bedroom is well lit and light switches should always be accessible to the elderly. Ensure that when you renovate the bedroom, the electricity plugs should always have switches too.
  • Use non slip rugs and mats in the bedroom.
  • Make sure that the bed is not low enough for the elderly to have a hard time sitting in and not high enough to be a danger for falls.

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