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Renovation Cost Estimate Calculator for HDB Owners

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Setting aside a renovation budget is the very 1st step in your renovation journey. However, having a ballpark figure in the first place is not an easy one due to the many variables involved. In fact, the ultimate costs of your renovation project include the following:

1. What are the characteristics of the property?

Is the property new or a resale apartment?
A resale property is more expensive to renovate.
What is the age and condition of the property?
An older property will need more extensive renovation.
What is the size, shape and design of the property?
A large property with an odd layout, many non pillars and beams requires more customization work.

2. What is the scope and extent of renovation work required?

A minimalist design is cheaper compared with one that requires extensive floor and wall tiling, fabrication and carpentry work.

3. What is the type and source of materials used?

Marble sourced from Italy is more expensive than the one sourced from China. A laminate kitchen counter top is cheaper than a granite counter top.

4. What is the type of renovation professionals chosen?

Renovation home interior designers charge more due to the nature of the services they provide.

5. Other variables

Other variables such as whether the renovation project needs to be completed urgently, and whether if there are unforeseen market situations which caused the renovation costs to go up. For instance, the renovation industry is currently disrupted by the Covid-19 circuit breaker and many interior design firms face manpower and material procurement challenges too due to the neighboring countries lock down.

Renovation Cost Estimate Calculator for HDB Owners

You can get a budget estimate of the costs involved in renovating an HDB apartment by using the following calculator. Kindly note that the following costs are based on the market conditions before the Covid-19 pandemic.


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