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Renovation Contractors Go Green

Going green is not just a trend. Going green is the future. Most renovation contractors recognise this, hence the rise of numerous eco-friendly residences and offices. So how do renovation contractors advise you to go green with your home furnishing? Here are some tips:


  1. When adding some knickknacks to your home, always look to your own space to see if anything can be recycled. Old lamps, old picture frames, and old vases – you can use these items in a lot of ways. Some renovation contractors even use old wooden planks as space delineators. You can also go to local thrift shops. Of course, it is recommended that when you go to thrift shops or garage sale, you find items made out of sustainable harvested wood or eco-friendly upholstery.
  2. Go Fair Trade. You may have heard of the Fair Trade Federation. This federation actually guarantees a fair wage for artisans all over the world. They make Fair Trade baskets, statues, house utensils, jars and more.
  3. Don’t throw away plastics. Yes, those plastic jars can be reused as vases or pots for smaller plants. Renovation contractors know how damaging plastic is to the environment. Plastic bags can be used to line your rubbish bin. Better yet, when you go shopping, do away with the plastic bags and bring your own reusable bags.
  4. Bathroom renovation. Some renovation contractors place much consideration on the bathroom and toilet water usage. Installing water saving bathroom fixtures is a big help to the environment. Some renovation contractors use low-flow showerheads and faucets. They would also strongly advise you to fix any leaks immediately as soon as they happen.
  5. Finally, make use of natural light and use overhead lights only when necessary. Windows are essential to a bright, cheery home. Renovation contractors would recommend installing large windows and using sheer curtains to let the sunlight in. Mirrors play a part too. When strategically placed, mirrors can magnify sunlight a few times over.

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