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Renovating Your Retail Store for Year Round Celebrations

Most retail stores spice up their interior with frivolous artistry and decorations to suit various festivities. Others, who have lots of cash to spare, even go beyond the decorating bit and totally renovate their stores for certain occasions – such as Chinese New Year or Christmas. Those who do not have this much to spare can go for the classic and trusted route – that is, renovate your retail store in a neutral palette or theme which will suit any sort of festivities or celebrations.


  1. Choose a neutral colour palette. The best way to go would be to paint your ceiling, shelves, doors and walls white. Or even add a bit of black. However, black and white can often end up being boring. If you are not keen on purchasing too much white paint, renovate your retail space with earth tones or neutral palettes. You can not go wrong with beige, light browns or grays. Pastels would be easy on the eyes too and can suit any occasion.
  2. Make sure the lighting can fit any occasion. Make sure you renovate your retail space with lighting that can go well with any celebration – including Halloween, Chinese New Year and even dreary times like the Christian Good Friday.
  3. Add a display shelf, display window or display cabinet. Renovate your space to add these display nooks. The purpose of these display nooks is for store owners to easily decorate their retail stores for various festivities without disturbing the shoppers and creating hindrances to their browsing experience.
  4. Prepare decorations that can be used every year. You don’t have to renovate your space every year. You can just reuse your old decorations and change them up a bit. Always store your decors in dry spaces so mold and mildew won’t set in.

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