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Renovating Your Home for Your Babies

Having a baby means that you have to make sure that you renovate your house according to your child’s needs – whether it be present or future needs. They should be kept safe. Babies and children spend so much of their time at home that renovating it with their safety in mind is essential. There are many things in your renovation that you should watch out for. Here are some tips:


  • Make sure that when you add in lights to your renovation, they should be kept away from flammable materials such as curtains or table covers.
  • Make sure that the first aid kit is easy to reach so have it added in conspicuous places like the kitchen, living room or the bedroom.
  • Make sure that there are no sharp corners in your house. And if there are, have them padded.
  • For your windows, avoid using cords in your blinds or curtains. If you have them, it is safer to tie them up or cut them.
  • Keep a separate area for your children’s toys so no one will get hurt. Leaving them lying around the place will attract accidents.
  • Make sure that during your renovation, you get a fire alarm installed in a conspicuous area.
  • Have your renovation company install window grills or screens if you do not have them already in your home.
  • Make sure that all electrical outlets are covered safely with safety plugs or outlet covers.
  • You should ensure that all wires are out of reach for your children.
  • Make sure that shelves and other built-in furniture are secured safely to keep them from toppling over.
  • Have your renovation company install a removable safety gate at the bottom of the stairs and at the top of the stairs.
  • Add in a door to the kitchen. The kitchen is a dangerous place for babies and crawling toddlers.

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