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Renovate to make your home healthier

Anti-Oxidant Home Building in a convenient solution now available to create a sanctuary of wellness for your family – in your home


Many authoritative studies have proven that negative ions, an effective antioxidant, can eliminate free radicals to slow down the aging of the body and boost the immunity. It is only in natural environments such as forests, mountains and waterfalls where there is a high concentration of negative ions that free radicals can be sufficiently eradicated.

Now, it is possible to enjoy the benefits of negative-ions in the comfort of your own home, with the newly launched Anti-Oxidant Home Building solution. This adaptable solution can easily be mixed into home construction materials, such as water-based paint, concrete or plastering during renovations to effectively create an ideal home environment that gives positive health benefits with anti-ageing and beautifying effects.

An Anti-Oxidant Home can also bring about the following benefits:

  • Eliminate chemical toxins: By mixing Anti-Oxidant Solution into building materials, you can greatly reduce harmful chemicals and Volatile Organic Compound in the room.
  • Prevent mould growth: Anti-Oxidant components can reduce humidity and prevent the growth of mould in the room. They can also remove other foul smells, including musty odour, smoke and pet odour.
  • Create anti-static environment: An anti-static environment can prevent the adherence of dust on the wall, floor and ceiling to save you the hassle of dusting.


The raw egg experiment
The Anti-Oxidant effect of the Home Building is powerful enough that raw food substances such as an egg will not rot or decay. At our showroom, there is a cracked raw egg and a slice of bread that has been kept on premises for months. Although both the egg and bread have dried up and turned hard and inedible, neither shows any signs of decay nor emit a foul odour.

Clients who purchase the Anti-Oxidant Home Building solution are invited to conduct their own raw egg experiment in their own homes. A three-month money back guarantee* is promised if the egg decays in the anti-oxidant room. If you maintain the paint well, you can keep the negative ions active for at least five years, giving you a healthy rest, healthy life.



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*Terms and conditions apply: At least 2 coats of Anti-Oxidant Solution must be treated to all walls and ceiling. Test will only be successful in an enclosed room. (If there is too much cross-ventilation in the room, the negative-ions produced will flow away).

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