Refrigerator Shopping: Unraveling 5 Wacky Myths That Chill Your Buying Experience

  • May 30, 2023

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Homeowners, be prepared to be dazzled by the mind-boggling array of refrigerators available today. It's like a wild circus where manufacturers juggle different refrigerator styles, and smart features, leaving you scratching your head in confusion. But fear not, in this post, we'll unravel the web of wacky misconceptions that come with refrigerator shopping. Get ready to dodge the pitfalls and emerge victorious in your quest for the perfect chill companion!

Design: Home Philosophy

#1. Forget What You See: Size Does Lie When it Comes to Storing Goodies!

Don't be fooled by their looks! Just because two refrigerators share the same physical measurements doesn't mean they'll give you equal storage thrills. You see, storage capacity is the real deal here, measured in litres. So, if one fridge has some serious wall thickness going on, it's going to skimp on space, leaving you with fewer goodies to stash. Remember, size isn't everything when it comes to the fridge.

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#2. More Doors = Less Storage? It's a Fridge Paradox!

You'd think that a 6-door refrigerator, with all its fancy compartments and secret hideouts, would house more goodies than its humble 2-door counterpart. But hold on to your ice cubes, because here's the icy truth: More doors don't always mean more storage capacity!

In a twist of fridge fate, those extra walls and partitions inside the 6-door wonderland actually gobble up precious storage space. It's like having a complex maze inside your fridge, where snacks get lost and storage dreams turn into a costly affair. So, brace yourselves, for a 500-liter 6-door fridge might just break your budget, while a trusty 2-door fridge of the same size can keep your wallet chilled and your goodies intact.

Design: The Interior Maison

#3. Don't Get Boxed In by Appearances: The Fit Game is More Than Just a Matter of Size!

The eternal quest for the perfect fridge placement is not just about measuring height, depth, and width, my savvy shopper. There's a whole choreography of considerations to master. First, prepare to do the limbo with those swinging refrigerator doors. Will they gracefully tango without crashing into walls or cabinets? It's a dance of angles and spatial finesse. But wait, there's more! Beware the sneaky thickness and the mighty protruding handle—space snatchers extraordinaire! They'll reach out, grab precious inches, and leave you scrambling for kitchen real estate. Oh, and let's not forget about the need to breathe! Ventilation space is a must; a fridge needs its air, just like you need your oxygen.

So, if you're tight on space and don't want your fridge blocking the kitchen walkway, consider the elegant options of French doors or side-by-side wonders. They'll waltz into your kitchen with style, ensuring both practicality and a touch of pizzazz.

Design: Ascend Designs

#4. Lost in the Fridge Abyss: The Bottom Freezer Conundrum - Where Did That Leftover Pizza Go?

A bottom freezer that slides out like a drawer, revealing a hidden culinary world. While it may seem convenient to stack your goodies on top of each other, it's like a food pyramid turned upside down. So, good luck trying to spot your desired snack in this edible maze!

But wait, there's more! Brace yourself for the grand weightlifting challenge. When that drawer is packed to the brim, it transforms into a mighty beast of burden. Pulling it out becomes an Olympic feat, a battle of strength and willpower. It's no wonder those drawer hinges need to be made of steel, built to withstand the weight and endure the constant strain.

So, if you dare to embark on the bottom freezer journey, be prepared for the Herculean task of tugging that mighty drawer. May the culinary gods be on your side as you navigate this weighty expedition.

Design: Ultra Space Design

 #5. Quench Your Thirst with Fridge Tap Dance: The Illusion of Convenience in a Door Water Dispenser!

The door water dispenser promises convenience for the whole family. But here's a twist: it's not just humans who find it convenient, but the pesky household pests too! Well, if you happen to dispense sugary beverages, brace yourself for a wildlife pool party! Lizards, cockroaches, and ants will be lining up for a refreshing dip. It seems they have a knack for crashing the party whenever food or drinks are left unattended. And yes, they'll gladly extend their invitation to the water dispenser as well. Even if you opt for plain water to deter the critters, there's still a catch. The water hose and tank need regular cleaning to prevent the dreaded mould invasion. Ugh, talk about unnecessary maintenance work, am I right?

So, while the door water dispenser may promise convenience, it also comes with a side of unexpected guests and extra cleaning duties. Just remember, the next time you take a sip from your dispenser, you might be unwittingly sharing it with some uninvited pests.

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