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Recycle a Butter Cookie Tin for Chinese New Year Goodies

What You Need:
Can be purchased from Angie’s
1 piece of ‘Rose Blossom’ luncheon napkin @ $1.00/piece
1 Squeegee/Scraper @ $10.00 to remove any creases
Acrylic Varnish @ $8.00 for 80ml

Can be purchased from Artfriend
Mod Podge Matt @ $6.85 for 236ml
Martha Stewart ‘Ballet Slipper’ Acrylic Paint @ $3.50 for 59ml

Time Required
4 hours


Step 1
Sand the butter cookie tin with a piece of sandpaper. This is to make sure the acrylic paint adheres to the tin.


Step 2
Sponge the tin with Martha Stewart’s ‘Ballet Slipper’ Acrylic paint.


Step 3 and Step 3.1
Cut out the Chinese New Year image from the Art Paper (I have photocopied a Chinese New Year image onto Art Paper).


Step 4 and Step 4.1
Cut out the Cherry Blossom images from the ‘Rose Blossom’ luncheon napkin.


Step 5
Remove the 2 lower layers of the napkin from the Cherry Blossom flowers leaving only the upper layer with the image.


Step 6 and Step 6.1
Apply a layer of Mod Podge onto the back of the cut-out image from the Art Paper. Stick the cut-out image from the Art Paper onto the lid of the tin. Use a squeegee to make sure there are no creases and also that the image is properly stuck onto the lid of the tin. You may need to add some more Mod Podge to the edges to stick it firmly down. Dry with a hairdryer.


Step 7, Step 7.1, and Step 7.2
Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge Matt on the surface of the tin (the body) and gently put the cut-out Cherry Blossom image on top of the Mod Podge. Use a squeegee to remove all creases carefully making sure not to tear any part as the Mod Podge Matt is still wet. Dry with a hairdryer. Apply another thin layer of Mod Podge Matt on the top of the image gently and dry with a hairdryer. Use a squeegee to remove all creases. Repeat Steps 7 until the tin body is covered with Cherry Blossom images.


Step 8
Varnish 3 coats of acrylic varnish drying in between application of each coat for both the lid and the body.


Before & After

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