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9 Quirky Features to Make Your Home So Much More Fun

Incorporating features from swings to secret Chronicles of Narnia-like entrances, these uber-fun homes in Singapore show you why they deserve to receive the cool badge. The best part? They are not just for kids.

1. Rock-climbing wall

Having a rock-climbing wall in your home sounds like the stuff of fantasies, but it’s exactly what the owners of this condo apartment incorporated into their home. Want one in your own pad? You will need a high ceiling for lots of climbing room, a sturdy piece of wall, a landing pad for safety purposes and oh yes, plenty of budget.

Design: The Interior Lab

2. Different-shaped cabinetry

Conventional shapes are boring, which is why this custom house-shaped bed frame and wardrobe are so much fun! They turn the bedroom into a cosy little hideout, perfect for the big kid in you.

Design: The Monocot Studio

3. Secret bookcase entrance

Secret doorways and hidden entrances are no longer the purview of mystery books. This home features a bi-fold bookcase that can be opened up to reveal the entrance into the bedroom. Return it to its original position if you don’t want kaypoh guests poking about your private space, and everyone would be none the wiser.

Design: AX Image Design Studio

4. Modular furniture

If you are constantly rearranging things around your home, consider investing in modular furniture so you can move things around easily. In this home, furniture and storage units—made from lightweight steel—were attached with castors so that they can be moved around the apartment depending on the needs of its occupants. With such flexibility, you’ll never get bored of the layout of your home again.

Design: Three-D Conceptwerke

5. Swing bench

Inject a bit of playground fun with a swing bench inside your home. This particular one was located to face the windows of the apartment so that whoever is using the swing gets to enjoy the view. The area is delineated with parquet floor tiles, to inject a sense of the outdoors, while a tree-shaped bookshelf displays the perfect reads for an afternoon of reading on the swing.

Design: The Design Abode

6. Ping-pong table

There’s no need to book a spot at the community centre every time you want to show off you table tennis skills. Incorporate a ping-pong table in your own home and you can do a forehand smash whenever. Short on space? Double it up as your dining table so you can have dinner on it too.

Design: D’ Marvel Scale

7. Chalkboard wall

Unleash the artist in you with a chalkboard wall at home. You don’t even need a big expanse of wall to do it. This one was done up by swathing chalkboard paint on the study cabinets. Even if you are not much of an illustrator, a chalkboard wall is a fun way to pen down memos or reminders for the rest of the family.

Design: 13th Design Studio

8. Loft

Blessed with high ceilings? Do up a loft in that double-volume space, which you turn into a cosy reading nook or just a little hideout to get away from everybody when you just need some peace and quiet. With small spaces, it’s a great way to add some extra square footage too.

Design: Uno Interior

9. Platform deck

Even if you don’t have a high ceiling, you can do up a platform deck for some elevated fun. We like this one that was done in a nautical theme, complete with braided ropes to mimic the ones you find on ships and boats.

Design: DSOD Interior


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