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Quick Reminders for Your Home Renovation – Part I

They say you can learn from the mistakes of other people. This also holds true for home improvement and home renovation projects. In this two part article, we give you the common mistakes and regrets made by people who already had their home renovation done.



Do remember that even seasoned home renovation pros make mistakes so do not take it too harshly if you do make a couple of blunders.

  1. Selecting your paint colours in the hardware store. This is a common mistake made by a lot of people. Remember that lighting matters. One colour may look awesome in industrial lighting but it may look ridiculously bland in your own home. Yes, lighting changes the way your colours appear and you will end up with an entirely different look that what you initially wanted. The best way to do it is to take home paint samples or as for fabric swatches. From there, you can decide what colour would be most suitable for your home.
  2. Placing orders for tiles, custom cabinets and other custom made materials sooner. Depending on the demand and on the type, it could take up to three months to get the materials such as tiles you need for your renovation. Custom cabinets, custom shelves and custom doors could take more than two months. To avoid turning your supposedly three month renovation into a six month ordeal, place order for custom made items at least three months before the actual renovation work starts.
  3. Do not go ahead with your home renovation solely based on your tastes and whims. Some people may want to be all original, but sometimes all your quirks put together in one room may not be all attractive. The best way to go is to scan through magazines and catalogues and find out what you want.

Continued on Quick Reminders for Your Home Renovation – Part II

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