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QUALY – Environmental Friendly and Practical Home Living Solutions for Everyone!


 In the recent living planet report by the World Wide Fund for nature (WWF), Singapore was reported as having 7th largest ecological footprint out of a total of 152 countries surveyed.  The ecological footprint is a measurement of the population’s demands on the natural resources. Nonetheless, this finding is hardly surprising given that Singapore has been developing at an incredible pace for the past decade.

What can we do to reduce our environment impact?

Consumers like us can help to reduce our ecological burden on the natural resources by choosing to consume wisely, preferably only on green products that have no or minimal footprints or on products that have healthy sustainable practices. However, this proves to be challenging for consumers due to the lack of environmental friendly products in the market.


Introducing QUALY!

QUALY, a brand from land of smiles which has won several product design, innovation awards and international accolades such as “Good Design”award in 2010 and “Designer of the Year” award in 2011, retails a myriad of environmental friendly, practical home and living accessories. These high quality, beautifully designed solutions are ingeniously designed to raise greater environmental awareness among the consumers.

 QUALY rose from its humble beginnings as a family business, which specializes in production of moulds and plastic, to an internationally recognized brand across the globe. QUALY has made its presence in numerous countries such as Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA and many more! In fact, QUALY has also appeared in many magazines which include Nylon Singapore, Lookbox Living, 8 Days and I Weekly. In actuality, what QUALY stands for is aptly embodied in its name:


Singapore Office cum Showroom @ Midview City

Hence, I was very excited to learn more about the QUALY home solutions during my recent showroom visit at the Midview City.



At the showroom, I was introduced to an amazing range of home wares, home and living quirky accessories. I also learnt that all QUALY products, downright to its packaging, are made from 100% recyclable materials. Furthermore, all its kitchen solutions have passed stringent food safety tests since only food-grade plastics are used for kitchenware.

 Well, here are some of my favourite picks which have left an indelible impression!


Log & Squirrel Self-Watering Plant Pot

The Log & Squirrel Self-Watering Plant Pot is specially designed to remind us that we should conserve water. When there is sufficient water in the hollow branch, the wick draws up the water for the plant and the Squirrel shows up. Consequently when the water is used up, the Squirrel slowly disappears from sight. Hence, the Squirrel acts as a visual indicator of the water level and reminds us the importance of water to mankind and animals! 

Log & Roll Paper Towel Holder

The Log & Roll Paper Towel Holder is really an eye-catching due to the way it dispenses paper towels. As more paper towels are dispensed, the squirrel sinks into the log and disappears. Again, the Squirrel serves as a gauge to remind us when to replace the paper towel and also the magnitude of impact to the wildlife when trees are lost to deforestation.

 Squirrel Log Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Squirrel Log Toilet Paper Roll Holder drives home the message the importance of sustainable living in the most palpable way. Even as the squirrel functions as a guide to assist us with usage of the paper, it looks as if it is trying to stop us from using more paper! Hence with every bit of paper that is used, we are actually taking away its habitat.


The Log & Squirrel Self-Watering Plant Pot, Log & Roll Paper Towel Holder and Squirrel Log Toilet Paper Roll Holder  will make excellent gifts for children due to their attractive and unconventional design. Most importantly, these designs are able to convey environment messages very effectively in light-hearted and fun manner.


Since Christmas is just around the corner, I believe the following will make an outstanding holiday gift!


Four Seasons Seasoning Shaker Set

The Four Seasons Seasoning Shaker Set is perfect for spicing up the mundane kitchen. Look at how each individual shaker ingeniously adopts a season of the year! In addition, since the Four Seasons Seasoning Shaker Set comes with a matching rack in a nice package, it saves you the hassle of buying a gift wrapper.


 Aside from these, there are many more creative yet practical home solutions. Nonetheless, after much deliberation I decided to get the Block 20 and 30 Recycling Bins for my kitchen


Block 20 and Block 30 is a stackable recycle solution. The product is modular and its minimalist square form makes it ideal for small corners where it can be stacked as high as you like. What I adored most is that the rim of the waste bag is completely tucked in and hidden. In addition, it comes in multiple colors such as black, white, red and green and it can be multi-purposed as storage or even as waste bins! Block 20 is 20 cm in height whilst and the slightly higher counterpart; Block 30 is 30 cm in height and each module is sold separately. 

Image here

Block 20 and 30 Recycling Bins Usage Review

All QUALY’s products come in recycled recyclable boxes and comprehensive printed instructions on how to reuse these boxes are provided. 



Image here

Image here

Although made of plastic, the recycling bins are sturdy and well built. It comes in 3 pieces and can be easily assembled!



What makes the Block 20 and 30 Recycling solution stands out from the rest is its ergonomic design; I can access the top and bottom bin with great ease. Its modular design means that I can choose to have the higher block on top or vice versa. Since its design is extendible, I can choose to add more blocks anytime and declutter my kitchen further. Since the blocks can be multi-purposed,  I can easily convert one of them into storage bin! 




My Thoughts
QUALY retails very unique yet functional products and therefore, they make superb house warming and holiday gifts! If you have an hectic lifestyle like mine, QUALY online store will make your last minute gift purchase a breeze since you can choose to pick up your purchases from the warehouse on weekdays at your own convenience!

For readers who wish to find out more on what QUALY has to offer, here is the address:

 Singapore Office

22 Sin Ming Lane #05-82 Midview City, Singapore 573969

Tel: +65 9753 5927



Physical Stores

Aside from the showroom, the following retail stores also carry QUALY products. However, the product range for each store differs from store to store:

Robinsons outlets @

The Heeren

260 Orchard Road The Heeren

Singapore 238855

Tel: +65 6735-8838


Raffles City

252 North Bridge Rd #03-01 Raffles City Shopping Centre,

Singapore 179103

Tel: 6216-8388



50, Jurong Gateway Road, 4th floor,

Singapore 608549

Tel: +65 6887 8838


 Bugis Junction aLT@

Bugis Junction

200 Victoria St, 2nd floor, Singapore 188021

Tel: 6337 8647




Orchard Gateway

277 Orchard Road, #03-02,

Singapore 238858

Tel: 6702-6423


The Cathay
Singapore 229233

Tel: 6733-9312


Bugis+ (Link Bridge)

201 Victoria Street, #02-51/52,

Singapore 188067

Tel: 6341-9223


 West Coast Plaza

154 West Coast Road, #01-59,

Singapore 127371

Tel: 6779-2556



1 Lower Kent Ridge Road, #02-09,

Singapore 119082

Tel: 6779-2556

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