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Purchasing an HDB Resale Flat III: The Checklist


You should note that using your CPF money to purchase an HDB resale flat is subject to the CPF board’s policies. This only serves as a guide. Under this housing grant scheme, the government provides eligible buyers of resale flats with a housing subsidy.

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) has provided a checklist on their website for those who are planning to purchase an HDB resale flat. Currently, there are two checklists in PDF format available. We will provide you with links to the forms as the forms will need to be scanned and submitted during the HDB resale flat application.

The HDB resale flat checklist actually provides a list of the policies and procedures that the buyer needs to know before they can go ahead and purchase a resale flat. There are two types of checklists. One is for buyers who are going to engage the services of a sales person. It is the sales person who will help them go through the items in the checklist and explain the details to the buyer. Download the resale checklist for buyers who engage salesperson. The second one is for buyers who do not need the help of sales persons. Download the resale checklist for buyers who do not engage salesperson.

Buyers are required to carefully go through all the items in the resale checklist (whichever option they choose) and to tick all the appropriate boxes. It is advised that you complete the HDB resale checklist if you are considering buying a flat. If you prefer translated copies, they are available in Chinese, Malay and Tamil and can be downloaded in HDB’s InfoWEB site. Note that the English version should be the one submitted to HDB, not the translated ones. You have to attach a scanned copy of the completed HDB resale checklist to your Resale Application form.

As with all other documents, you must ensure that the HDB resale checklist is completely signed and filled up to the best of your knowledge. Submitting the checklist does not mean approval. HDB still can reject or cancel your Resale Application if they find something wrong with the application.

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