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Property Investment and Renovation


What is the correlation between property investment and renovation you ask? Well, a well invested property can give you better hand at renovating it just the way you want to and without breaking your budget. Why would it break your budget? Because an awful, dilapidated property will take huge renovation efforts and will cost more. Sounds simple doesn’t it? A good property investment can reap tremendous profits in the near future, not just savings in renovation cost. Here are some tips in purchasing your property for an easier renovation feat in the future.

  1. Watch the market for a few months before diving into any deals. Select a few locations, select a few units and try to understand them well. Don’t buy a property that only looks good on the surface. Look at its surroundings, how old it is, its previous owners and the renovations done to the space. You probably know that a property’s value may increase depending on the surrounding developments and infrastructure in the area such as public transport, recreational facilities, libraries, schools, clinics, food centres, main roads and others.
  2. Do your research via the Internet, media, property reports and others to find out more about the property and its history. It may also be worthwhile to try to talk to the previous owners and how they did renovations to the space.
  3. Be committed to your property investments. Treat property investment as a major business and try to foresee what you will do with the property in the future.
  4. Never buy on impulse, hearsay or because it is a new trend. Always use your head when purchasing property.
  5. Never forget to inspect your property and considering what future works might be done – repairs, renovations, etc. – before you sign the papers, especially when buying old properties. Older properties pose a higher risk.

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