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Three-d conceptwerke

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24 Eng Hoon Street, Singapore 169774

About Three-d conceptwerke

Three-d Conceptwerke opened its doors in 2006, serving as an alternative place for like-minded folks with an innate interest in edgy interior architecture and an affinity to challenging status quos. That mantra still holds true today.

We took a philosophical approach towards habitus living, reinterpreted within the walls of our local shores. Habitus represents alternative lifestyle, and with it, fertile grounds for experimentation. Consider how discarded items are constantly reinvented in form, or colour, to bestow renewed purpose on new spaces. It’s an endless improvisation of ‘practical mastery’ of skills, routines, aptitudes and assumptions which leave the individual free to make choices in the encounter of new environments or fields that we’ve carefully cultivated over time. Rooted in our past, therein lies the bedrock of our future: sustainability.

Today, we have a community of designers who share this philosophy, habitually pushing and rethinking boundaries. It’s about stripping excess elements to create simple, liveable and well-lit spaces that feel larger than they are. It’s about bearing in mind the psychological and emotional outcomes of long-term immersion.

We seek to integrate our design, selection of furniture & lighting so that they coexist seamlessly with its occupants. At the end, tidal shifts in preferences may occur, yet what remains is our endearing mission to create tangible relationships between human and space.

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