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No 6 Harper Road, Leong Huat Building #05-07, Singapore 369674

About Space Atelier


When it comes to the perfect space… we all need that little inspiration!
Whether that picture is clear in your head… OR you’ve got this great idea but you’re just not sure how to achieve it… OR perhaps you just don’t have to time to put it together… Whatever the reason is, we just love going on the journey with our clients to help them realise their dream homes or workspace!

Irregardless of the project size, we know that the process can be stressful, dreadful and time consuming and that’s when we come in. We aim to take all that stress away so you can actually enjoy the process… because it should be enjoyable… it’s your dream, it’s your home, your workspace!


  • WE are passionate about designing interior spaces, and quite simply put it
  • WE love what we do
  • WE help you realise spaces that you spent so much time dreaming about
  • WE help you built functional spaces that work for you
  • WE build the things that make you look & feel good


  • Design Consultation
  • Space Planning & Furniture Layout
  • High Quality 3D Perspective Drawings
  • Detail Drawings
  • Material & Colour Proposals
  • Furnishing Proposals
  • Project Management & Site Supervision
  • Building Regulatory Submission


  • Residential Interior Design
  • Commercial Office Design
  • Retail / F&B Outlet Design
  • Refurbishments/ Reinstatement Works
  • Additions & Alteration Works
  • Landscape Design
  • Carpentry Works & Interior Fit outs

Awards & Accreditation

Total Reviews: 26
Lim C S
 Posted on
July 23, 2017

Choosing Jeff as our ID is one of the best decision we have made. He made sure the designs are to our liking and gave practical suggestions. He made our every penny spent worthwhile. A very responsible guy who demonstrates great work ethic. Respect!

Project Coordinator(s): Jeff
Overall Rating:
Ian C
 Posted on
July 4, 2017

I am writing to thank Jeff Gan for my home project.

After meeting up with him for the initial consultation, i was convinced to engage Space Atelier for my renovation works.

Jeff was very friendly and patient to listen to my ideas on the design i wanted to achieve. His experience in this field stood out for me from the way he could envision and thoroughly advise on many aspects of our design and works.

I also value his dedication and responsiveness in providing detailed drawings and quotes despite the complexities and many revisions.
Most of all, he is a good problem solver and went the extra mile to resolve any issues that arose.

Overall, everything went very smoothly because Jeff was very hands on in overseeing the whole project, i lost count the multiple times he made himself present before, during and after the renovation to ensure everything is satisfactory.

I highly recommend Jeff if you are considering an ID.

Project Coordinator(s): Jeff Gan
Overall Rating:
W Meiling
 Posted on
June 18, 2017

After that we visit them, ID: Eddie Chan was intro to us. We have a long chat on the design concept. AFT the long chat decide to go back to think about it. A week later, Eddie called to follow up. We meet up again..In the end, we decided to take up with him. He is good at follow-up, coordination our project. I know our was not a big project but he really does his best for us. He really helps me a lot…Ur design really gives us big space for my small area.

Project Coordinator(s): Eddie Chan
Overall Rating:
Ling Ling
 Posted on
June 1, 2017

I just wanted to thank you, Lucas, for your responsiveness with everything. He helps to get us our “dream home.” We love it and it will make lovely memories for Gary and I.

We will certainly refer our friends and co-workers to you! All our very best.

Project Coordinator(s): Lucas
Overall Rating:
Mindy G
 Posted on
May 31, 2017

My husband and I would like to say a big thank you to Jeon and his team for renovating our home.

We shortlisted a few IDs but chose Space Atelier because of Jeon. He is very patience and attentive to our needs/ wants. Most importantly, we felt comfortable working with him. As this our first flat, we weren’t very familiar with many things. Jeon would always be more than happy to give his advice on picking the right furniture and help amend the dimension of our cabinets to fit out stuff. Notwithstanding that, after the renovation was completed, he would call up and ask if everything was alright. When we have any issues, we could give him a call and he would get his guys to fix it. Kudos for that!

Hence, would definitely recommend Jeon as we believe he would do a good job. Many thanks Jeon for our cosy crib. 🙂

Project Coordinator(s): Jeon
Overall Rating:
Yvonne K H
 Posted on
May 27, 2017

We would like to thank Jeon of Space Atelier for giving us such a warm, cosy and beautiful home.

Jeon understood our requirements within the first few meetings and was extremely patient towards our needs to balance the renovation works, with our work and the caring of two kids. He was open and forthcoming with what worked and what wouldn’t and had the safety of our kids in mind all the time as he planned the design. I appreciate the fact that he worked within our budget and would only recommend what is good and reasonably-priced.

Throughout the whole renovation process, we stayed in our place. Jeon took special care to ensure that as much as possible, things weren’t too dirty or dusty. He went the extra mile to check on our faulty front door and oversaw the installation of the gas dryer; amongst other things where we saw and really appreciated his sense of initiative.

We trusted Jeon so much that we even went on a week-long overseas trip in the midst of the renovation process. Our friends were worried but Jeon was really trustworthy. He gave us daily updates and sent videos via WhatsApp to show us the progress of the renovations.

Thank you Jeon! 🙂

Project Coordinator(s): Jeon
Overall Rating:
Jerry C
 Posted on
May 26, 2017

We had Christopher share with us then, on some concepts to fit the theme we had on our mind.
He was able to hand sketch the design that we were looking for, and that really blew us away, as the sketch looked great and fit the design that we had visualised in our mind.
That was where we decided to engage Christopher as our ID.

The subsequent meetups to discuss the design and materials were so fruitful, as Christopher was able to guide us on colour themes to match what we really wanted.
Next up was to bring us to purchase the lightings. I have to commend that everything went very smoothly.

On the renovation of our house, we really have to thank Christopher who gave us a worry-free journey. He was always on top of things, often feedbacking to us and resolving any issue during the process.
He was very meticulous on all the details, as he really went to inspect every single detail of the whole unit. As seen from the handover checklist, we only have less than 3 items, that need a minor touch-up.

With this, I will like to express my sincere thanks to Christopher, who really help us get the dream home we wanted.

Project Coordinator(s): Christopher
Overall Rating:
Shuyu T
 Posted on
May 13, 2017

We would like to say a big “Thank you” to our ID Ray Mak for helping out in our renovation process. As we are usually busy at work, Ray always tries his best to keep us updated on the progress of the renovation work so we can have a peace of mind. He is professional in his advice and always willing to go the extra mile. He is also flexible and not afraid to make changes to designs should it be deemed unsatisfactory to us. Highly recommended ID!

One example of him going the extra mile:
We bought new toilet bowls and lightings from one of the shops which Ray recommended and he got his contractors to help install them. After the installation, we came by during the weekends and saw that there were some scratches on both the toilet bowl and the lightings. We spoke to him about it and without hesitation, he got them uninstalled and sent back for an exchange. Thank you, Ray! We are lucky to find a responsible ID who goes all out to ensure customer satisfaction.

Project Coordinator(s): Ray Mak
Overall Rating:
Karlson Ong
 Posted on
March 3, 2017

Our home renovation was what we expected and most of our friends complimented the design done by Space Atelier.

Our ID was Ray. Don’t hesitate to work with them.

Project Coordinator(s): Ray
Overall Rating:
Ying W H
 Posted on
February 20, 2017

First of all, I will like to thank Jeff for doing up my house so nicely! I am very satisfied with the carpentry work that he and his team have done up for my rooms and kitchen. There are no major hiccups during my reno and everything goes quite smoothly. The only time that he called me up “urgently” was when there was a need to modify the design of the feature wall outside my store area. But with the detailed diagrams that were given to me, there are not many difficulties for me to understand the changes made. He even provided me with the modified 3d design via WhatsApp so that I could have a clearer visualisation on the amendment. Really impressed by his efficiency!

Jeff is a detailed person and he seemed more “anxious” than me when issues popped up. He would quickly msg me to inform me of the potential problem and update me on how he would proceed with it. In fact, after my few rounds of meet ups with him, I almost leave everything to him. During the reno work, I only go down to my house “upon his request” to firm up on matters such as locations of the power and light points, aircon etc.

At the start, I have a lot of ideas for my house. Some are “nice to view” but not practical in usage (“中看不中用”). Jeff will directly point out to me. So must occasionally “bear” with his “straightforwardness”. *hee*
But after seeing the end state of my house, I’m pleased that I didn’t insist on my ideas through. However, I still choose white colour for my kitchen carpentry despite that he “warned” me at the very start that white will turn yellowish over a period of time.

So Jeff, thanks for the commitments that you and your team have put in for my house! 😀

Project Coordinator(s): Jeff
Overall Rating:
Jason T
 Posted on
January 11, 2017

The project completion (as seen by the images posted by Space Atelier earlier today) is the best testament to what our ID, Jeff Gan, has done for our cosy and humble home.

Before we met Jeff, we have heard enough horror stories from friends and relatives on how their home renovation process turned their long awaited dream into a nightmare. Hence, wifey and I decided to start early with our ID search.

What was interesting was that the wifey was impressed with Jeff when we met him for the first time and we never looked further.

His understanding of our needs was fantastic and his design creation was superb. It was spot on and we immediately agreed on the design.

When the whole process started, I would say that it was almost entirely hassle free and I was able to be at ease with the development with little worries since I was mostly tied up at work.

In summary, a job well was done and Jeff had simply made our dream home a reality.

Kudos to Jeff!

Project Coordinator(s): Jeff
Overall Rating:
Irene Tan
 Posted on
December 23, 2016

We engaged Jonathan to help us create our home and it was truly a wise decision! Like all other renovations, it will never be a bed of roses. However, it’s only through the hiccups (minor) that we get to see how professional, prompt and responsible they are. Jonathan really impressed us with the extra mile he went for many things, from coordination to design to practicality… I gave him a task which was challenging (i.e. To have a display cabinet with absolutely no hinges seen). I thought he will dismiss my crazy idea cos many IDs told me not possible. However, within the next meeting, he showed us a thick book of hinges that he had studied to show us the potential options on the detailing to be used, we were already so wowed that he did take my wish seriously, but not only that, he even did up a prototype to show us before fabrication knowing that I am not a visual person! He also helped us coordinate with the various parties whom we engaged on our own, from planning Cctv points to painting to lighting delivery, invisible grills, etc. When the lighting shop delivered one transformer short, he went down to Balestier to pick up for us!! There are so many things that he did beyond his call of duty and it will be too long to name them. Jeanie also did a great job in helping to coordinate and resolve issues for us, 辛苦你了! We are truly happy and satisfied customers and would strongly recommend them to our friends! Thanks, Jonathan and Jeanie for the great work, our house is not only done up cosily and beautifully, space planning was great too, the timeline was well within what we asked for or even shorter, thumbs up!!

Project Coordinator(s): Jonathan
Overall Rating:
Makkgeolli S T
 Posted on
September 7, 2016

I met more than 10 IDs before I decided to engage Jeff from Space Atelier. When I first met Jeff to go through with him about my requirements, he was very patient and detailed. We spent almost 2 hrs on our first discussion and he came out with a very detailed proposal after that. He was also very patient in answering all my queries. But what really impressed me was what follows after I confirmed his appointment. I keep changing my mind every other day and I will have new ideas popping up every now and then as I was really excited about my first home. Jeff was extremely patient in trying to fulfil my new wishes every time and at the same time, he kept me grounded about my ideas. Given I am a first-time homeowner, I have a lot of unrealistic and impractical ideas. Jeff was also very honest and he was the one who persuaded me not to hack away my existing kitchenette as its a waste of money. Instead, he proposed to extend the cabinets based on the existing design n he created something really really nice. When I first saw the finished product, I was really pleased as Jeff have captured my requirements and the results are just outstanding. His follow-up service post renovations are great too and he is always patient to entertain queries I have to post the renovations. Engaging Jeff as my ID was indeed money well spent. Thanks Jeff for creating such a nice home for me. You really captured the type of hotel style home which I had been visualising in my mind. I will strongly recommend Jeff as an ID especially to new homeowners like me. And good job Space Atelier, for having such a gem of an ID.

Project Coordinator(s): Jeff
Overall Rating:
Ken Lee
 Posted on
August 24, 2016

We are very happy and privileged to engage Jeff and Jeanie from Space Atelier for our recent project (completed successfully on Aug 2016).
Jeff and Jeanie impressed us with the following:

1. Attitude and Service
a. We have absolute peace of mind knowing that we can trust Jeff or Jeanie. In addition, we can contact them anytime /day if we have questions.
b. They are always there to give us advice if needed (on what matches and what not, what to buy or not to buy from online shopping etc.).
c. Their advice is very professional and practical. As a result, we ended up asking them to recommend the curtain supplier, lights and fan supplier and even the house mover!
d. We also asked Jeff and Jeanie to help us install additional fixtures like toilet rack etc. and this is arranged based on good will FOC too!

2. Design talent and experience
a. We wanted a look that is aesthetically pleasing while functional and practical (with lots of hidden storage) at the same time.
b. Jeff listened and came out with fresh design concept with creative strokes of bold colour combination that we have never seen before. The choice of dark grain wood provided a sense of class and sophistication and contrast well with a lighter patterned tone.
c. We are so happy we trusted his design proposal as the final result is simply stunning! We loved every aspect of it!

3. Creative problem solving
a. We are amazed that when we told Jeff of a problem in the prefabricated kitchen door cabinet, he did not brush it off (as this was not provided by him).
b. Instead, he helped to come out with a very creative idea to make part of the dining bench movable and offer to re-fabricate part of the cabinet door to ensure we can access the storage space of the wooden cabinet.
c. Not only that, he took the trouble to contact the laminate supplier to get the specific wood laminate pattern to match the rest of the kitchen cabinet perfectly. We are amazed at his attention to detail!
d. It is good to know that all these are done based on good will without extra cost to us and this is just one of the many things Jeff and Jeanie helped us beyond their call of duty.

4. Project Management
a. Every project has its moments of hiccup but luckily for us, there is no major hiccup. We are able to proceed very smoothly according to schedule.
b. If there is a potential delay/ major work completed, Jeff or Jeanie make it a point to update and inform us promptly as well.
c. Our renovation process is literally a breeze.

5. Quality of work
a. In addition to excellent service, we are also impressed with the quality of the carpentry work and glass work in general.
b. Great care is taken for the internal furnishings as well and there are predrilled extra holes in the cabinet if requested so that we can adjust the shelf height.
As a final word, we are delighted to have engaged Jeff and Jeanie for our renovation as they have now transformed our house into a home we love and cherish dearly. We learned that developing a good relationship with our ID is paramount to a successful renovation – and that means having the ability to listen on both sides and make the necessary compromise at times when needed. If you can do that, you will probably get more than what you bargain for.
Thank you Jeff and Jeanie once again for the great work and experience we had with Space Atelier. You are the best! Cheers!

Project Coordinator(s): Jeff and Jeanie
Overall Rating:
Alex C
 Posted on
July 17, 2016

We engaged Space Atelier and met Jonathan and Jeanie. Both were extremely understanding and they were very professional. We told them what we wanted and knew we were on a tight budget, they came up with ideas to save some money but at the same time remained to the designs we wanted. They are extremely patient (even now), provided sound advice on designs and even shop with us for tiles, fixtures/fittings, lightings, etc.
Renovation work was accordance to our tight timeline and without any major hitch! Workers were diligent and both Jonathan and Jeanie were willing to meet us any day/time, no complaints whatsoever. EVEN after almost a year, we had some works which we delayed before due to budget and some minor touch-up/repairs, their response were prompt always.
We would definitely engage them again and introduce them to our friends and family!
Thank you very much, Jonathan, Jeanie and all your workers for an AMAZING work.

Project Coordinator(s): Jonathan and Jeanie
Overall Rating:
Jayne Tan
 Posted on
July 7, 2016

Recently I just completed my reno project with Space Atelier and my ID is Jeff Gan. Looking back at the entire reno journey, it was nothing short of a miracle as I have to juggle both work and renovation single-handedly. My work demands long stressful hours with occasional short stints overseas. And Renovation is no easy feat for a first-timer like me. Thus, I am blessed and grateful to have engaged Jeff as my ID to help me manage the entire renovation process. In the course of time, Jeff has proven himself to be reliable, trustworthy and committed to my home/project that he was entrusted with. The design delivered by Jeff is clean and functional. The quality of materials, accessories and workmanship are commendable. Any issue that arose along the way was dealt with calmly and reasonably. Personally, I appreciated very much that Jeff and his team would go the extra miles to iron out the details in realising my gorgeous home. A big THANK YOU to Jeff and team Space Atelier. Keep up the good work!

Project Coordinator(s): Jeff Gan
Overall Rating:
Jenny Ting
 Posted on
June 13, 2016

My husband and I did our research and spoke to about 6 IDs before we decided to go with Jonathan of Space Atelier. We were attracted by the actual room photos and testimonials online. His quote is not the cheapest but we feel that his quote is not expensive (compared to quite a few other IDs) and the most value-added. Most importantly, we felt that he will be able to create our ideal home within our budget with the design we are looking for, good service and good quality. True enough, he is really good with the style we want – simple, cosy but with an element of interesting detailing. Bearing our need for storage space (for our small home) in mind, he is also good with creating functional space/carpentry without making the rooms look cramped or claustrophobic. When we run into little issues such as “how to clean off a stain, etc”, he’s happy to make suggestions or even help. The contractors he works with are also friendly, helpful and responsible… especially important when it comes to post-move-in touch-ups or adjustments. The entire experience is very pleasant and we love our home.

Project Coordinator(s): Jonathan
Overall Rating:
Jey and Lisa
 Posted on
June 3, 2016

Kudos to Jeff Gan, our ID, for making our renovation journey smooth! He was great from the first meeting, very focused and comprehensive in his discussions with us, providing sound advice and giving very helpful suggestions. Along with being meticulous and detailed, another strength of Jeff is the fact that he is amazingly personable! His friendly nature made discussions comfortable. Also, we felt that he was always reliable and helpful, listening attentively to what we wanted the final look to be and doing his best to ensure that we were happy with the outcome. The final outcome was a job well done, with hardly anything to rectify but just some touch-ups here and there. Truly a big thank you and thumbs up to Jeff Gan and his team from Space Atelier. We are definitely telling all our friends and family about how great you are! – Jey and Lisa

Project Coordinator(s): Jeff Gan
Overall Rating:
Thomas Tang
 Posted on
May 31, 2016

I have got to know Space Atelier through a friend of mine and Jonathan was my ID. I have decided to enlist the service of Jonathan after looking at his past portfolio and was impress with the workmanship.

The project management capability and pro-activeness of Jonathan and team has made my whole renovation experience a breeze.

Jonathan was also very customer centric and he has even gone beyond his duty to ensure that the entire renovation process is smooth and seamless.

Overall, we are a happy customer of Space Atelier.

Project Coordinator(s): Jonathan
Overall Rating:
 Posted on
May 31, 2016

I feel in love with this penthouse apartment on first sight, but at the same time really nervous how to make the small live-able space work out!

My ID, Jonathan Kuok, understood my brief very quickly and gave me ideas I could never think of myself – using mirror on my window latch to “widen” my tidy living room; creating hidden storage space under my stairs; designing a beautiful and practical storage platform bed for my otherwise small bedroom; turning my balcony into a cozy practical closed-up space; and suggesting out-of-the-mill designer wallpaper to make my house stands out even more!

My house looks so amazingly good that even my neighbours copied some ideas after attending my housewarming!
I am so glad I found a creative and responsible ID who makes my dream house comes true and the process such a breeze. Thank you, Jonathan!

Project Coordinator(s): Jonathan
Overall Rating:
Hazel & Lixon (328 Clementi Ave 3)
 Posted on
May 31, 2016

Firstly, I must thank you (Jonathan) for designing this beautiful house for me and my son!

I got his HDB unit in a totally unfurnished state and my brief to you was simply to turn this old resale house into a modern look with a limited budget. Boy I was surprised you can deliver this (and more) hands down! The outcome is what I never thought I can own with the small budget and limited renovation time I have – a modern cozy Caribbean-themed space that my son proudly described on his facebook “a 5-star looking apartment you can see featured inside a travel lifestyle magazine!”

Whenever someone walks pass our unit, I always enjoy seeing their surprised look followed by their great compliments! Thank you again!

Project Coordinator(s): Jonathan
Overall Rating:
Matthew and Yen (Blk 234 AMK Ave 3)
 Posted on
May 31, 2016

My wife and I would like to thank Jeff and Space Atelier for an excellent job done for our resale HDB flat.

We went to a few ID companies initially with a projected budget for our home renovation. Space Atelier was selected eventually, mainly because of Jeff – the interior designer from Space Atelier. He has a great working attitude and was able to work within the budget given, yet giving us a good design proposal. We find him to be approachable, reliable and efficient. He didn’t disappoint us at all. We were very happy with his design proposal and valuable recommendations, while taking into consideration our preferences and needs.

He remained very professional and committed throughout the renovation process. He was quick to respond to our queries and concerns, and issues were resolved efficiently. We used to joke that you can practically get him anything of the day, 7 days a week. That is his level of commitment to his job and clients. Even after full payment was made at the end of the renovation, Jeff was quick to address issues raised by us and rectifications were done promptly and to our satisfaction.

Special compliments to his team of carpenters as well. The workmanship was exceptional. We will surely recommend Jeff to anyone who is looking for an interior designer.

Project Coordinator(s): Jeff Gan
Overall Rating:
Jenny Ting
 Posted on
May 31, 2016

My husband and I did our research and spoke to about 6 IDs before we decided to go with Jonathan of Space Atelier. We were attracted by the actual room photos and testimonials online. His quote is not the cheapest but we feel that his quote is not expensive (compared to quite a few other IDs) and the most value-added. Most importantly, we felt that he will be able to create our ideal home within our budget with the design we are looking for, good service and good quality. True enough, he is really good with the style we want – simple, cozy but with an element of interesting detailing. Bearing our need for storage space (for our small home) in mind, he is also good with creating functional space/carpentry without making the rooms look cramped or claustrophobic. When we run into little issues such as “how to clean off a stain, etc”, he’s happy to make suggestions or even help. The contractors he works with are also friendly, helpful and responsible… especially important when it comes to post-move-in touch ups or adjustments. The entire experience is very pleasant and we love our home.

Project Coordinator(s): Jonathan
Overall Rating:
Jasmine Chen
 Posted on
May 31, 2016

Hi Jeff,
Below is the review, thanks for your good service to me and my husband 🙂

“Patient”, “Sincere” and “Helpful” are the words to describe the good service that my ID Jeff had provided to my husband and I before and during the renovation. He was very patient to listen and understand what we want for our design and also propose alternatives to give us different perspectives. As we engaged a few of our own contractors to do some of the works, Jeff was also very co-operative with us and the contractors to make sure the whole renovation went smoothly. Overall, we are pleased with the service that Space Atelier and Jeff had provided us. They provide prompt after-sales service too. Thank you for making our home so nice!

Project Coordinator(s): Jeff Gan
Overall Rating:
Elson and wife
 Posted on
May 31, 2016

Eddie and Meiyun have professionally helped us created our dream home in a short span of time with quality outcome.

We greatly appreciate them for rushing the project for us. Our project was delayed due to an unpleasant encounter with an ID from another company. However it was a blessing in disguise to be given the chance to work with this couple. Their design was so much better than the previous company while the price quoted was reasonable. We felt we have benefitted from working with both of them too as their ideas and solutions would have taken into account of both the female and male perspective. Follow up actions on defects were prompt and efficient. Workmanship is fantastic.

It was a great experience working with them and we would strongly recommend their service to other homeowners.

Thank you!

Project Coordinator(s): Eddie Chan, Meiyun Wang
Overall Rating:
 Posted on
May 31, 2016

Hi there,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank one of your ID, Mr Chong Ji.
Throughout these few months of renovation, he has been a great help to me and my family. Since young, whenever there’s any form of renovation at home, my Father would be the one taking care of everything. However, when he passed on last year I had to take over the baton and learned everything from scratch. I express my concerns to Chong Ji but he reassured us that he’ll help whenever he can and cater to our needs for the new house.

From Day 1 of the renovation, Chong Ji will always be down on site to send me the live updates of all the hacking, installation or painting works. He was very detailed and guided us through each process with ease. From the early stages of designing our new house and down to the very last drop of paint on our walls, he was always there.

I’m very appreciative of his help and I believe he would be a valuable employee in your company.

Many thanks from me and my family:)

Project Coordinator(s): Chong Ji
Overall Rating: