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About Soon Bee Huat

TL – Le Mans series


Inspired by carbon and steel, Le Mans series is the new line of ceramic tiles from Tonino Lamborghini that plays with minimalist geometry and shadows. This new collection of tiles is a high-end solution for residential interiors and luxury hotels and aims to satisfy the demand for luxury quality. 3 available colours in store: Carbonio, Carbonio Firma, and Carbonio Bubble.


TL – Monte Carlo series


MONTECARLO is the most daring line presented for the Tonino Lamborghini Tiles & Style debut. It is inspired by the staves of boats docked on Mediterranean coasts. The series that is available in store are the bright red and black, and also with graphic letterings that recall the logo.


Ornamenta – Camou series


Climbing up the trend steps, camouflage design can be found anywhere, from your bag to your tiles! Hop on the boat with these Camou tiles, exclusively at Soon Bee Huat.


Ornamenta – Jungle Animalier series

Jungle-1-thumb Jungle-2-thumb

Also exclusively at Soon Bee Huat. The Jungle Animalier is completely handmade drawn with a ‘mixed technique’ – waterproof, pencil and ink – the three subjects mixed in the box allow you to have a ‘non-repetitive’ wall, absolutely timeless and endlessly chic. Digital HD printing is combined with the plain screen one to drive us realistically into the lush equatorial flora. Two colours available: neutral and aggressive.


Asia Beige from Gresmalt (Italy)


Asia Beige is a full-body homogenous Italian tile. Its size is 30×60. Being a full-body homogenous tile, Asia Beige’s pattern runs through from its surface to its body. This means when the tile chips, it will not be too visible and thus easier to hide. Also, Asia Beige has a luxurious wood-effect, without the hassle wood flooring maintenance. Asia Beige can be used for floor and wall covering.


Atlantis Black from Cifre Ceramica (Spain)


Atlantis Black is a homogenous tile from Spain. It comes in 30×60 size, which is perfect for both floor and wall covering. Despite being a porcelain tile, Atlantis Black carries a natural sense of stone, which gives a luxurious and elegant feel to any space.


Beton from Bien Seramik (Turkey)


Despite looking exactly like natural, uncovered wall, Beton is actually a humble porcelain tile that is easy to clean, yet has a superb durability. Beton comes in running pattern, which means that each tile will not look like the other. This creates a very unique design when the 60×60 Turkish tiles are cleverly combined, just like how the designer did in the picture.


Colours R from Fioranese (Italy)


Colours R is a vintage tile series that has many different designs in each carton. The Italian tile comes in 20×20 size, which means high versatility and freedom in placement. Smaller tiles are more suitable for toilet and kitchen area to aid better water flow. And because of its vintage nature, Colours R is perfect for themed room or small businesses such as café and restaurant.


Century (Beige, Grigio and Rosso) from Dado Ceramica (Italy)

Century-Beige---Dado-Ceramica-thumb Century-Grigio---Dado-Ceramica-thumb Century-Noce---Dado-Ceramica-thumb Century-Rosso---Dado-Ceramica-thumb

The Century tile series are inspired by the look and feel of an old wood. It turns out, indeed, to be a very convincing one. Besides the natural wood colour and the rough surface, Century also comes in plank size that makes it look like a real wood.


City Glamour Black on Black from Unica by Target Studios (Italy)

City Glamour is a Peranakan inspired tile that comes from Italy. It comes in eight colour combination, with either black or white base colour. In this picture, the designer uses City Glamour Black on Black as the floor covering. The Italian tiles add a tinge of glam to the traditional Peranakan-inspired tile, making it a head turner in our Concept Boutique. It has also received raving reviews from interior designers and customers.


City Glamour Blue and White and White on White from Unica by Target Studios (Italy)


In this picture, the interior designer used City Glamour Blue on White as the floor covering and White on White as the wall covering. City Glamour comes in 9 mix design, which gives versatility to interior design with its various combination.


City Glamour Mix from Unica by Target Studios (Italy)


This is one of the designs that City Glamour has. In this picture, we showcase the colour combination that City Glamour has. On the right, the background is white, while the ones on the left have black background.


City Glamour Red on Black from Unica by Target Studios (Italy)


The designer in this picture used City Glamour Red on Black as floor covering. City Glamour has semi-polished finish and is a homogenous (porcelain) tile, thus it is suitable for usage as floor covering in almost any indoor area.


City Sense Deep & Light by Colorker (Spain)

Citysense-Deep---Colorker-thumb Citysense-Light---Colorker-thumb
With a very convincing look and feel of wood, the wood-inspired porcelain tiles are popular among customers who want wood look and feel in their house, yet doesn’t want the hassle of maintenance of wood tile. And because it is porcelain tiles, these tiles are cold on the touch – suitable for the hot and humid weather in Singapore!


Galata by Seramiksan (Turkey)


Originated from Turkey, Galata is a fully polished porcelain tile. The size available in our Concept Boutique (this is what we call our showroom as), is 60×60. Inside this 60×60 surface, there are nine different designs. These designs are inspired by A very beautiful “Tileception” indeed.


Havana (Decape and Dock) from Colorker (Spain)

Havana-Decape-COLORKER-thumb Havana-Dock-Colorker-Closeup-thumb

Besides having rough surface and running pattern, Havana comes in plank sizes, which make these porcelain tiles look even more similar to the real wood! Originated from Spain, Havana comes in two colours – white(Decape) and brown (Dock). These tiles are suitable for both dry and wet area. It is more suitable to be used indoor than outdoor, however outdoor area with light traffic such as balcony can use Havana as floor or wall coverings.


Liquid Art from Unica by Target Studio (Italy)

Liquid-Art---Galapagos-Blue-Unica-by-Target-Studio-thumb Liquid-Art-Black-and-White-Unica-by-Target-Studio-thumb

These tiles remind us of an innocent doodle using colour pencil, heightened with a very high artistic sense that creates a unique, colourful combination. We have two colour combination for these tiles – Galapagos Blue and Black & White. The Black & White series showcase more of line drawings as compared to the colourful Galapagos Blue.


Mosaico 101B from Codicer (Spain)


The black and white combination on this mosaic tiles is a great choice to brighten up any space. The unique geometric design can be used as an accent for black and white tiles, or as a standalone tiles for a themed space. The tiles are perfect to create that retro look! Besides looking pretty, this tile is also as sturdy as it can go, as it was made of heavy-duty porcelain that can stand heavy traffic as well as wet condition.


Morthier Natural from Vives Ceramica (Spain)


Morthier is a new comer in our Concept Boutique, yet it has received much love from our customers already! With its matte, rough finish and bevel design, Morthier looks very convincingly like a brick, yet without the hassle of the brick-laying process. Now we know why many love it.


Natura & Voyage Mobila from Colorker (Spain)


Natura Mobila is a wood-inspired porcelain tile, that carries the colour and design of an old, tattered wood. Its rough surface provides a great anti slip when used in wet area. Combined with the design-heavy Voyage Mobila, the two make a great combo in creating rustic floor covering. Voyage Mobila has shipping signs as a design on the tile’s surface, making it a great decoration for plain or wood-inspired floor covering.


Painted from Portinari (Brazil)


Painted comes in plank sizes, making it a wood-inspired tiles, with an additional paint splash and drip design on the surface. Comes in running tone and pattern, Painted creates a very unique and rustic design for both the wall and floor. It also has rough finish, which makes it suitable for wet area.


Savanna (Coffee, Cream, Dust, Honey) from Cerdomus (Italy)

Savanna-Coffee---Cerdomus-thumb Savanna-Cream--CERDOMUS-thumb Savanna-Dust-CERDOMUS-thumb Savanna-Honey-CERDOMUS-thumb

Savanna tiles are available in 1×100 and 20×100. The designers in these pictures combine these two sizes to make a great staggering and a beautiful chaos. One benefit of wood-inspired tiles would be the shades of colour that we can choose, as it won’t only come in the normal brown wood colour. Savanna is available in four shades of colours, which can be placed at any space in the house.


Scot (Bianco, Grigio, Rosso) from Ceramica Colli (Italy)

Scot-Bianco-CERAMICA-COLLI-thumb Scot-Grigio-CERAMICA-COLLI-thumb Scot-Rosso-CERAMICA-COLLI-thumb

Scot series is a gorgeous marble-inspired porcelain tiles that has won many hearts in our Concept Boutique. Soon Bee Huat has just got exclusivity from Ceramica Colli as a supplier for Scot series in the Singapore market. Comes in three colours – white, grey, and dark red (brown), Scot series will add luxury to any space available.


Serena HD from Portinari (Brazil)


Serena HD is a stone-inspired porcelain tile. Because it comes in a running pattern, Serene HD looks very natural and thus gives luxury to a space. Perfect for flooring and wall covering in the bedroom or living room.


Spa Bianco from Ceramica Euro (Italy)


A mixture of wood and marble-inspired surface, Spa Bianco offers more than just floor and wall covering, but also luxury without high cost. It being a porcelain tile means high-resistance and durability, as well as easy maintenance. Spa Bianco is available in 30×60 size, which makes it very versatile as it can be easily placed anywhere in the house.


Stone Blend (Blackishy, Golden, Silvery) from Dado Ceramica (Italy)

Stone-Blend-Blackishy---Dado-Ceramica-thumb Stone-Blend-Golden---Dado-Ceramica-thumb Stone-Blend-Silvery---Dado-Ceramica-thumb

Stone Blend is a marble-inspired porcelain tile. Comes in three colours, Stone Blend gives a sense of luxury to any space with its beautiful marble veins design. Add glamour with Stone Blend Blackishy, or brighten the space with Stone Blend Golden and Silvery. It’s your choice.


Wilson Blanco from Vives Ceramica (Spain)


Similar to Morthier Natural, Wilson Blanco is a new comer in our Concept Boutique and has a bevel design to it. However, Wilson has polished finish and carries marble effect on its design. Wilson Blanco is perfect as a wall covering, with its 10×20 size, which means more flexibility in the design and placement.


Worn Wood Blue Brown from Seranit (Turkey)


At a glance, these tiles look like they come in plank size, don’t they? Wrong. These are 60x60cm tiles, with plank design on the surface. Its unique patterns make it a head turner in our Concept Boutiques, and we are even using it for our upcoming mockups! Perfect for your balcony or a themed room.