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Seven Heaven

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38A Dunlop Street Singapore 209366

About Seven Heaven

Anchored by the concepts of completeness and serenity, Seven Heaven is proud to weave together the elements that make up a harmonious living environment. With fifteen years in the industry, Seven Heaven’s extensive portfolio comprises projects all over Singapore, Indonesia and Myanmar.

Constantly pushing boundaries in green building technologies and advanced materials, Seven Heaven is driven by a design philosophy that reflects a commitment to creating the perfect haven that balances the space, our senses and the styles we employ.

To many, the term “seventh heaven” denotes a state of bliss that is just short of paradise.

Seven Heaven’s choice of name reflects more than just desiring that state of bliss and completeness. In many cultures, seven is a perfect number that signifies divine approval. This desire to craft a perfect space that is infused with a good aesthetic sense, positive energy and functionality are behind our name.

Perfection is attained when your requirements and preferences are met. We believe that every customer is different and we will work to get to know you, to learn about your preferences and more importantly, what you think will make a perfect home for you.

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