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62 Ubi Road 1 #01-06 Oxley Bizhub 2 Singapore 408734

About Posh Living Interior Design

Posh Living is about unique, creative and innovative. Our main goal is to create an environment best suited to your personality, lifestyle and selections.

Emphasising our mantra of timeless design, we want you to enjoy a lasting fondness of your home or office. Surrounded by the sophisticated design quality of timelessness, you would have no worries about an outdated design.

We take our customer’s needs seriously and we believe that our enthusiasm and experiences will enrich your needs and satisfaction.

To transform your dream design into a visually impressive environment that fits your lifestyle, with value-added points of the picturesque interior.

Quality materials. Workmanship. Creative innovation. Competitive pricing. Delivery within the stipulated time frame. Professional & comprehensive after-sales service. To be the leading design specialist, in providing the best in interior design and service.


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Shiqah Hashim
 Posted on
March 21, 2020

We met Philip & Jeraldine when we started to kick off our search on ID. Philip was straight forward and gave good insights into the ideas we initially had. Jeraldine gave refreshing inputs and understood our design plans. We had good vibes with them, and after looking around at other IDs (just to be very very sure), we knew we had to go back with them.

Throughout the process, from conceptualising, designing, coordination and handover, both Philip & Jeraldine has been very transparent with us.

We discussed about our budget and they came out with the best layout and design based on our budget. They were not pushy with their ideas, willing to listen to us and collaborate. Bouncing ideas together was indeed an exciting process given the easy-going and outgoing personalities with Jeraldine & Philip.

Their professionalism is definitely one of the highest quality. All our queries were answered promptly. In fact, what we appreciate most is that when we do not understand anything, they are very patient to explain to us until we fully understand.

With any renovation, there are bounds to be challenging. Jeraldine & Philip will always keep us updated, share their concern and work out the best possible solution to fix any issues.

Even after the handover, any concerns we have has been addressed by the power duo. We are grateful that this working relationship has been an amazing one. Their top-notch service has resulted in a house that we can proudly call our home. We highly recommend Jeraldine & Philip to be your ID for your future home. They will do it #whateverittakes

Project Coordinator(s): Philip & Jeraldine
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Dongxu Guo
 Posted on
March 17, 2020

Total nightmare. Engage at your own risk. 6 months and my 1200 sqft unit is still not done. quality of work till date is really poor and I highly question the need to engage an id when I have to look into every detail all the time. The feeling of having a new house is one of joy and excitement, but over the past 6 months, these feelings have been replaced with endless disappointments and disbelief of how id and the contractors they engage can have such lack of common sense and responsibility. Openings in cabinets look like they were bitten out of rats, cabinets done has a high ratio of wasted corner space (which I had given countless examples of how others have done it but ignored), non-functional layouts (luckily spotted early or everything has to be dismantled again), a built-in oven that came with the unit was removed for works and it was unprotected and left exposed to all the work waste for 6 months, and they didn’t even bother cleaning it up before mounting it back. if I didn’t take the whole oven out to check I would be eating dust! I wish I could post pictures here to let you see what is done, and share with you my amazement on how bad the work can be. till date work is still incomplete, and I don’t really care if your company sees this review, get pissed off (definitely not as much as I do) and leave the job. I am as ready to engage another party to complete it anyway.

Project Coordinator(s):
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Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Peng Hui
 Posted on
February 25, 2020

Philip was recommended by our friend, he is a very responsive and patient people. He has given us many good suggestions and tried his best to save our cost. During my renovation, if we have any issues or quires, he always can help us to settle it immediately. Even after handover, he also can arrange his guys to come to solve the problem of any defects asap. Professional and Good service! Thanks Philip!

Project Coordinator(s): Philip
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Mark Soo
 Posted on
February 15, 2020

Our home reno was handled by Anthony and Alex. Anthony is great in project management, and getting all things settled in a timely manner, no project delays at all. Alex helped with the creative work and ideas. Both of them are very accomodating with our requests. We are very happy with the outcome. I would definitely find Anthony and Alex again, and refer him to my friends for any new projects!

Project Coordinator(s): Anthony & Alex
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Nour Su
 Posted on
February 13, 2020

My husband n I would like to thank Gary for being able to complete our renovation works within 4 weeks despite the long break during CNY. Prior to engaging Gary, we had surveyed other ID. Though the quote was slightly higher, we selected Gary as he was being upfront on the timeline. Gary estimated the work to be completed 6-8 weeks but the handover was earlier. In addition, during our meetings, he is very focused on explaining and did not rush. We would like to thank Gary for the service rendered and a smooth handover.

Project Coordinator(s): Gary
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.