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53 Joo Chiat Place, Singapore 427777

About Ovon Design

As a young team unified by a deep love for the art and craft of design, we see the promise of perfect beauty and functionality in every square foot of space. Combining a flair for aesthetics, deep knowledge of design technicalities, and bespoke carpentry skills, it is our pride to be able to turn any space into a dazzling masterpiece.

Whether it is space to live, work learns or play, whatever the budget, and however big your dreams are, we stand right by you from the birth of a concept to completion of the project.

At OVON, great ideas are being born every minute. Call us, because the next could belong to you.

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Hong Soon Lim
 Posted on
July 29, 2021

After we have decided to go for the major renovation, we scouted several IDs but were not very convinced from the proposals. I went to Qanvast and was given 3 IDs. Received all 3 proposals and Ovon’s was outstanding and yet competitive. Thanks to Leon and Raymond, it make our decision easy.
Their proposal has a well balance of new ideas and incorporated our thoughts and addressed some inherent problems we had. Landed house renovation has more considerations with many options and Ovon has leveraged it well. Managed to transform frontyard into a sport area and backyard into a huge, cosy and practical place (wet kitchen, laundry and dinning). We were unable to utilize these 2 areas well for years.
Throughout the Covid19 restriction, Ovon managed its resources well and completed the project ahead of time. We had many changed requests (some of them were last minutes) along the way, Leon has been understanding and most helpful. Even both my neighbors started giving jobs to Ovon. Seeing is believing.
My wife and I are very delighted with the outcome of the renovation and the whole process was very pleasant. We are thankful and appreciate the hard work put in by Ovon and its contractors.
This is a young yet a matured and experienced team you can count on. I am opened to anyone whom is interested to see their achievements. Well done Ovon and all the best !

Project Coordinator(s): Leon Leong
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Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Valsaladevi Pillai
 Posted on
May 22, 2021

My family and friends love the beautiful design, finished workmanship and clever space-saving ideas. They also complimented the smooth carpentry finish of my consoles, wardrobe and kitchen cabinets.

Both Raymond and Gary have displayed a very high level of understanding of my preferences and needs. They had also been very prompt and responsive to my various queries. They rendered valuable recommendations and tips on renovating my home and also coordinated seamlessly for electrical, plumbing, air-con and other works to ensure the project schedule was completed on time. True professionals and service-oriented, indeed!

I would strongly recommend OVON DESIGN to anyone who is looking for an ID that provides bespoke design and all services under one roof.

A very satisfied customer, Devi.

Project Coordinator(s): Raymond Soh and Gary Chong
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Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
William Toh
 Posted on
May 3, 2021

When we were looking for an ID to renovate our home, we were hoping to engage one who has great modern design ideas, is flexible, trustworthy, reliable and most of all, provides value for money. We are very glad to have come across Raymond from Ovon Design. Together with Zi An, they really helped us with good recommendations on our design and selection of materials. They sought to listen to us to understand our needs and desires, and demonstrated great patience throughout the entire project. Raymond and Zi An were also flexible in acceding to our various requests and modifications which made us very satisfied. Their friendly nature made working with them a pleasant experience. Implementation was smooth throughout. The outcome is a very lovely and comfortable home! Thank you Raymond and Zi An. We are glad to have found Ovon Design as our interior designer.

Project Coordinator(s): Raymond Soh
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Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Ignatius Soh
 Posted on
April 16, 2021

We have our place in the not so good condition, we wanted it to be special of course. That’s where Renonation recommends Ovon Design. My wife and I never worked with a Interior Designer before but we knew the renovation project was too overwhelming and had no idea where to start. Lucky for us, we found Kate. She had great and creative ideas, was easy to work with, she put in the extra effort to help us furnish our home and best of all, was very mindful of the quality and elegance. Now that our home is done, we couldn’t be more pleased. In fact, we recommend her to our relatives that’s getting their houses soon.

Project Coordinator(s): Kate Sitchon
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Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Cindy Oh
 Posted on
January 22, 2021

I had done 3 other renovations for my previous houses and my office previously, hence I have high expectation of what to expect in the IDs and the practicality of the designs. I had a horrible experience with my previous ID which left a design flaw in my current house, that I had to face for the last 10 years. With all these in mind, I am determined to only settle for a design firm and ID whose able to meet my expectation.

We first had our online non-obligation discussion with Wai Tuck during CB period. It was inconvenient, but he walked us through patiently for more than 2 hours, using zoom, sharing the floor plan and how it will work out with full visual explanation after we put out the reason for this renovation. Through this discussion, my husband and I were very impressed with his professionalism and expertise of his work.

As we are looking at doing a re-layout of the house from an old 3 room HDB flat, to ‘transform’ into a 4 bedroom house with practical space management. the ID working on this project will have to put these in mind that we do not intend to over-carpentry the place nor causing the place to look claustrophobic. Apart from Ovon, we spoke with some other IDs to compare design and quotation prices, but Wai Tuck won our hearts hands down.

Wai Tuck not only cleverly put the rooms into a liveable space, he utilises the ‘dead-space’ for our display and storage. He is also able to answer our questions with regards to space management with practical ideas and suggestions, putting in mind our priority and concerns.

There is definitely, no sales talk and all the payment are based on quotation, in fact a lot of additional work were done which was not charged to our bill. We are really grateful to find such honest and good ID to manage our house.

Those of you who had done renovation previously will understand the amount of things we need to consider and manage during the whole process. Wai Tuck is definitely a problem solver for us and helped us to salvage many situations without burning our pockets to do top ups.

In the midst of renovations, there were many unforeseen hiccups, but Wai Tuck, handled it professionally, with no fault blaming, no pushing of responsibilities but seeing things resolved professionally, even if it means to absorbs some additional cost and even to make last minute arrangement for additional workers to fix up what was originally not in the plan. Some were fault caused by my other sub contractor, yet Wai Tuck, took it upon himself and ensure he sees through the work to perfect completion.

There was a miscommunication of the glass door placement, I made known to Wai Tuck, we will not be able to accept if it was the other way round. With no argument nor fault chasing, Wai Tuck immediately called his supplier to make the necessary change. Right before my eyes, I saw how he was trying to explain to his guys that this work needs to be put on hold as there will be changes. With all patience, putting down his foot that this change will be done. I can tell the supplier is likely scolding him over the phone as he kept apologising and making it known to them firmly that this glass door will not be fixed the way they discussed previously. I am convinced that the ID we had selected is definitely a promising young man in this industry as he has the capacity to handle mistakes and see to the solution promptly.

On top of all these stresses that occurs, Wai Tuck kept in mind of our budget and gave many practical suggestion to save cost and to helped to ensure minimum delay to the renovation work.

Another thing that I am very particular about will be ‘after payment services’. After we made our last payment, there were still some minor work to be done. I was waiting to see if it will slack in the work or ‘forgotten’.(it happened for my previous renovation) But Wai Tuck continue to update us promptly and ensure the seeing of those work to be completed to satisfaction. He even continue to be present at the time of those work done to ensure the completion of the work with no error.

Many friends who came to visit us during Christmas, were impressed with the way the house was re-layout. Not only we have enough space to host guest, the new layout also enhanced the wind movement in the house. The place is now much more airy and we can even feel ‘wind movement’ which we never did the past 10 years staying in the same unit.

I will highly recommend anyone to Wai Tuck and Ovon Design, their professionalism and services definitely match the bill and above!

Project Coordinator(s): Kwan Wai Tuck
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.