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About Inspire ID Group

With the great demand for overwhelming results from our customers over the years. Inspire ID Group is composed of an elite group of experienced senior designers and skilled craftsmen.

The success of Inspire ID Group is down to a simple philosophy; stay Loyal to client’s brief and requirements, yet at the same time, create an interior that meets the highest standards, whilst providing a uniquely memorable experience for the customers.

Whether you are looking for a Classical, Modern Minimalist or Contemporary Design. We are pleased to offer you the design and finishing that will exceed your needs; be it a villa, an apartment, a loft, a penthouse or even a commercial space.

At Inspire ID Group, we specialise in ONE thing – YOU! It’s our ultimate goal to design spaces that reflect your personality – and we pride ourselves on doing everything within your budget!

Everything about us is customising.
– From initial design ideas all the way till completion, we handle it all
– Making your life hassle free
– And saving you valuable time.

Awards & Accreditation

- BizSafe level 3
- ISO 9000:2008
- HDB licensed renovator
- Asia Excellence Award 2013
- The Promising SME 500 2014
- Industry Star 2014

Warranty/Guarantee: 5 Years

Total Reviews: 23
LaLing Nur
 Posted on
August 10, 2017

Finally it’s done!
Thank you to our Designer Eric Png.
By chance, I found Inspire ID, never heard of it before and although the reviews were great, I was still sceptical about but we decide to choose Inspire ID as our home renovation.

We were really amazed by the renovation done.
Eric is a friendly and easy to communicate with.
Price of the package is reasonable.
All of the renovation work is so fantastic, beautiful, good workmanship and fast.

Highly recommended to do your home renovation.
Thanks again to Eric for the professional, patient and understanding us and being there from starting till end of the renovation!!

Really love it!!

Project Coordinator(s): Eric Png
Overall Rating:
Faith & Ray
 Posted on
August 1, 2017

We were very grateful that our house is ready now with the help of Aiken and Jay. The end product is no diff than the 3D Aiken did, he somehow knew what we wanted during our first meeting and we signed with him after that. Aiken was recommended by a friend of ours as he did reno for our friend as well, we love their theme too!

Jay was our site coordinator, he was on the ball, always on site most of the time and gave us update.

It was a pleasure working with both of them and we thank them for their patience and guidance during this period of time.

We would like to recommend both Aiken and Jay for their good service!

Project Coordinator(s): Aiken and Jay
Overall Rating:
Muhammad Alfifi
 Posted on
July 26, 2017

Since day 1 we met up with Austin, it has always been a pleasant journey. A big thank you to Inspire ID and brother Austin for building up my beautiful home. Every single dents and scar in the house were rectified professionally. Strongly recommended and look forward to work with you again! Thank you!

Project Coordinator(s): Austin
Overall Rating:
Syahirah T
 Posted on
July 21, 2017

A very big thanks to our designer, Austin Sia for an excellent job on completing our house renovation exactly how we want it to be!

Austin is very responsive and easy to work with. He is sincere and genuinely helpful! We can’t thank him enough for helping us a lot in things that aren’t even his job. He also accommodates well with our request. He frequently update us on the progression of the house that makes us pleased and trusts his job.

We are truly grateful for having him as our designer and definitely no regrets. Overall, we are very satisfied with the whole process and journey! Thank you once again, Austin Sia. God bless you bro!

Project Coordinator(s): Austin Sia
Overall Rating:
Jua I
 Posted on
July 9, 2017

A million thanks to our ID.. Wayne.. for making our dream home come true! Wayne is very patient, easy to communicate, always give opinion, great suggestion, he will make trips down to check on e renovation progress & will keep us updated everitime… He helped to settle most of the thing which really ease our worries! We truly appreciate for his responsibility & dedication Through out the process..! Thank u soo much for the awesome & excellent service!

Project Coordinator(s): Wayne
Overall Rating:
Simon L
 Posted on
June 20, 2017

My flat was designed and done by ID Wayne Chan. I will like to commend and thank Wayne for a job well done on our flat.

It was an enjoyable experience working with Wayne and the Inspire team.

He is very responsible and takes care of everything. He is always on site supervising the major works and updating/whatsapping me the progress. His responses and replies are very prompt. Any defects were rectified quickly within days. I am delighted with the quality and end result.

Even after the handover, he will msg me occasionally to check if everything is ok.

Project Coordinator(s): Wayne Chan
Overall Rating:
Mohammad Sharil
 Posted on
May 22, 2017

A big thank you to Inspire ID Austia Sia, for his outstanding and innovative ideas designing my new house. I had a budget and he met my requirements pretty well. A very honest and hard-working staff of Inspire ID.

To sum things up, I’m very satisfied with the outcome with my new place renovations under his hands. Even went an extra mile to pick me up in his car and do some lighting shopping; as i don’t have any transportation. That’s a very good customer service right there.

I will definitely recommend him to anyone who is with or without budget; cause that’s what customers think of first before laying out any plans, and he can meet these criteria. Thanks bro, Austin Sia once again. God bless.

Project Coordinator(s): Austia Sia
Overall Rating:
Alicia Lim
 Posted on
May 18, 2017

Renovation is always a tedious process but working with Austin has certainly made things easier for us.

Austin is very responsive and reliable. We truly appreciate his attentiveness towards our project and completing it within our extremely tight timeline. He has been very sincere and helpful throughout the whole process, even after the handover. There were a few occasions where he went to the extra mile to help us, which we are very grateful for his kind gesture.

Also, thank you very much for all the practical suggestions and turning our empty unit into a home.

In a nutshell, his service is commendable and we never regret choosing Inspire ID over other renowned IDs.

Project Coordinator(s): Austin
Overall Rating:
Dila Sengalito
 Posted on
May 11, 2017

A very big thank you to our Inspire ID, Kenny Yip and his teams for getting our dream house ready.

There were plenty of times where we weren’t sure of what to do but Kenny promptly provided his professional advice and was extremely responsive answering our queries.

And we appreciate for his high responsibility, dedication, professionalism and knowledgeable on every single detail.

He had always been keeping us updated on all the process so that we will not have to be worry about the renovation.

After the handover, we are glad to see our dream house looks almost the same as the 3D drawing and Kenny is still furnish the excellent follow up service for us.

Our dream house has been receiving endless of compliments.

We’re so glad we engaged inspire ID and will recommend Inspire ID & Kenny to our family and friends.

~ Dila & Endy
07 August 2016 – 14 March 2017

Project Coordinator(s): Kenny Yip
Overall Rating:
Yam Sawal
 Posted on
April 26, 2017

Wow… wow…wow…
We are very happy our kitchen cabinet was done up to our satisfaction. A Big to William that serves us and ensures things done smoothly. Definitely, we will recommend him to our friends and relatively for his good services and patience in serving us
Last not least will pray for ID Group Pte Ltd prosperous in their business.

Project Coordinator(s): William
Overall Rating:
Yan Jian Xiong
 Posted on
April 21, 2017

A very big THANK YOU!!!! To SHU XIAN ( Senior Designer of Inspire ID Group ).

She did a very excellent job which she turn our 3D drawing into reality. Every single detail wasn’t left out, from drawing of 3D design to even till choose the colors for our sofa. All thanks to her professional advise that so we can get the correct furniture to suit our design theme home.

As a in-house senior designer, she is definitely super busy (might not able to get her at times) But surprisingly she will be fully aware of what’s going on with the renos and contractors on site.
Well of coz there will be unhappiness happens during reno due to certain issue with contractors yet she can handles her contractor really well.

Myself and my wife are proud to have SHU XIAN as our lovely nest interior designer. Thank you for leaving with all my guest with a “WOW” after visiting my lovely nest!!!

Project Coordinator(s): Shu Xian
Overall Rating:
Anjali Naidu
 Posted on
April 17, 2017

Thank you Alvin Yip…we went to different IDs before choosing Inspire ID…The entire journey was smooth and pleasant..Alvin had accommodated so much to our requests and time as we got the keys just before CNY..The sacrifices and time put in were amazing.He made our house into a home… The main highlight was our bar..he converted our vision into reality which I think very few was able to comprehend… Mostly we are impressed by the integrity he showed throughout the process..more than anything we think it’s difficult to find a ID who is honest and humble. Thank you Alvin Yip…for everything!!

Project Coordinator(s): Alvin Yip
Overall Rating:
David Voo
 Posted on
March 16, 2017

Finally, our house is up and I and my family have shifted in 1 week plus.

It all started last year when I browsed through FB searching for an ID to design our house so happen saw Inspire attractive promo. Therefore went there and got to know Angel who attended to us. She is patient and friendly and suggested some ideas do our house. I would like to thank her, throughout the whole process of from the day we engaged her till the day we shift in, there are ups and downs, happy and unhappiness over the reno but still she served us patiently and tried her best to accommodate my parents. She basically tried her best to match to our expectation though not perfectly 100%. Just want to thank you once again and hope you will have more engagements in future. Keep up the good work.. 🙂

Project Coordinator(s): Angel
Overall Rating:
Tien Long
 Posted on
February 25, 2017

My flat was renovated by Melvin Yong from Inspire ID Group. It was an urgent request with a tight deadline during the peak renovation period. Nevertheless, Melvin somehow managed to conjure up some magic and completed our flat before CNY in less than 6 weeks ~!

We found him to be extremely trustworthy and knowledgeable. He is also able to articulate his design concept well and provides us with valuable advice on feasibility and cost based on our input. The best part is that he is capable enough to handle his worker efficiently with minimal supervision on our part.

Will definitely recommend him to my friends and family who need interior design.

Project Coordinator(s): Melvin Yong
Overall Rating:
Tay Jiun Chaw
 Posted on
January 24, 2017

A Big thanks to Inspire ID, Sebastian and his teams for the numerous late night in getting our home ready for CNY, it was not easy, but Sebastian did it.

it is our blessing that we get to have Sebast to be our designer.
He combined practicality and aesthetic view into his design and met our budget too.

And we appreciate for his high responsibility, dedication, professionalism and knowledgeable on every single detail.
He had always been keeping us on all the process update, and we have never worried about the renovation.
After the handover, he still furnishes the excellent follow-up service for us.

Me n my wife will recommend Inspire ID & Sebastian to our family and friends.

Thk u n happy new year!!

Project Coordinator(s): Sebastian
Overall Rating:
Ang Lee Siong
 Posted on
January 14, 2017

After 1 mth moved into our newly renovated flat, finally can settle down to pen down some reviews. After comparing a few IDs we decided to choose Inspire ID and our designer, Alan Lin.

We loved the carpentry works, almost flawless nicely done up. Electrical works also good and we like the attitute of the electrician who had done the job. However the painting and tiling works is a setback, painting of lines not even, tiling uneven height tile to tile and gaps between tile is big.

Overall We would like to thank Alan for designing of our home, we loved it. We are able to work with Alan well. He is able to listen to our feedback and responding is fast too. He threw in quite a no. of free gifts to us along the way. You can en- trust your renovation to him and Inspire ID. Thanks Alan.

Project Coordinator(s): Alan Lin
Overall Rating:
Wan Elli Sya
 Posted on
January 7, 2017

My husband & I were both happy with our id Kenny ..

Overall it was a good well done job..happy with e reno & etc..sorry cant write as we r bz..So once again thk u Kenny n Inspire id

Project Coordinator(s): Kenny
Overall Rating:
Kumzie Tal’Rasha
 Posted on
January 3, 2017

My husband and I went to at least 10 IDs before deciding on Inspire ID. They met our budget for the works we wanted to do where all the other IDs could not meet price wise. Aside from affordability, Inspire also meets with up to standard good carpentry and product quality for the works done.
The less one star was the bad painting done by the painters. Their lines were not straight where 2 colours met and all along the edges of the whole house were not even! Even after their 2nd touch up it was not done well. My husband & I decided to just DIY the frames and edges of the whole house ourselves.
Lastly, We would like to thank Joline our ID for always being ever ready to answer our questions at any time of the day. She would promptly update us for all works. As every renovation works will have hiccups along the way, Joline is actively ard to rectify any problems. She is very easy going and patient with my very specific needs for the house. She will suggest but at the end of the day respect our decision and leave it to us as how we would like things to be instead of forcing suggestions as how others may. She has been great throughout.
Our house has been completed and we are satisfied with the outcome. We also feel secured as if there are any problems in future Inspire Id will be able to rectify and i can count on Joline to handle it. Thanks Joline!

Project Coordinator(s): Joline
Overall Rating:
Melvin Chan
 Posted on
January 1, 2017

We’re glad we chose Inspire ID and got Angel as our designer. During the discussion period, she gave plenty of good ideas and suggestions and was very collaborative. She did not mind putting the extra effort to follow you down to shops and make frequent house visits. Her message response speed may be a little slow sometimes but you can rest assured she will get things done your way.

Even though the renovation took awhile, it was to ensure the utmost quality of materials and workmanship was used. Upon finishing, there were some minor dissatisfactions (cabinet hinges loose/ceiling light wiring not properly covered/scratched light switches due to renovation etc) but were very quickly remedied and/or repaired.

All in all, we are very satisfied with the overall quality of the renovation and the after-sale care. We thank our lucky stars that Angel and Inspire ID is not like the others (after reading about bad renovation experiences on various forums) and is truly a cut above the rest!

Project Coordinator(s): Angel
Overall Rating:
Low Choon Hong
 Posted on
November 6, 2012

Russell has been a great help in our renovation works. He was responsible and very meticulous in his work, helping us even in very small details. He tried his best to satisfy all our requirements, not forgetting implementing his own ideas to us as well.

We got our unit nicely renovated even before the projected completion date, just in time for CNY.

It is definitely safe to place your unit under his “renovation” care. Keep it up Russell! Thank you!

Project Coordinator(s): Russell
Overall Rating:
Jimmy Ho
 Posted on
November 4, 2012
We had a wonderful ID in Cyrus Chen who had made sure that our renovations were completed on time and all our requests attended to. Callbacks for touch-ups were also carried out expeditiously. We are generally happy with the carpentry works requested for.
Project Coordinator(s): Cyrus Chen
Overall Rating:
Ching Cheong Wu
 Posted on
November 1, 2012

My ID is attentive and responsible. He keep his words and answered to all my requests. He will try his best to solve all my small small problems.

My reno was handed over before completion date. From start to end, the progress was smooth and fast. Minor hiccups are unavoidable, but at the end of the day we are very happy with the end results. Thank you Russell.

Project Coordinator(s): Russell
Overall Rating:
Mohammed Faizil
 Posted on
November 1, 2012

Amazing work from Russell. Never expected the design and the out form of the reno will be that good or brilliant. Really happy with the whole process of the reno, start from the quotation till the handover. Always advised me or minimized on spending and maximize the quality and outlook.

Keep up the great job. Excellent service. Will recommend to my friends and relatives.

Project Coordinator(s): Russell
Overall Rating: