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63B Queens Street, Bugis Village, Singapore 188542

About i-Chapter

i-chapter is backed by a team of lively, dynamic and driven interior designers whom pride themselves on delivering unique individual designs to its ever-growing clientele. We dish out honesty and truthfulness when communicating with our clients and ensure that client expectations are constantly met and surpass for every project. That said, with the principal for having an eye for perfection, we will work closely with our clients so as to tune in their specific needs and likings, creating design that reflects the character and personality of each owner.

Our design consultancy provides the whole spectrum of services from designing to supplying and installation of customized furniture. Our firm also deals with a wide range of projects, including HDB flats, condominium apartments, landed properties and commercial projects.

Image, innovation, idealistic and ideas are the four tenets that would sum up the design sensibility of our consultancy firm.

Each space tells a chapter of a story.

HDB Registration No.: HB-08-4057C

Awards & Accreditation

- HDB Registration No.: HB-08-4057C
- Singapore Preferred
- Successful Entrepreneur 2010
- Singapore’s Outstanding Brands 2011
- Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise 2011
- Singapore’s Top Interior Designers 2012

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