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3A Lorong 7 Geylang Singapore 388787

About First Dot Design

First Dot Design Pte Ltd was set up in the year 2015 and it is affiliated to Lim Chin San Contractors Pte Ltd that has been around since 1980.

The Management Team of First Dot Design Pte Ltd is made up of talented individuals that have excelled in the sphere of interior design and renovation works and they have gathered together with one aim in mind:

To provide honest, hardworking, premium service to all of its clients with regards to any type of interior designing and renovation works. Just as a ‘Dot’ symbolises the very beginning of the design process, in the same way, we believe in producing interior works that are specially and uniquely for you. We endeavour to create interior spaces that match the design brief and make a unique statement at the same time.

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 Posted on
August 8, 2017

First dot design may be young but the team is very experienced and reliable. We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to KrisDion for her relentless guidance, assurance of good quality workmanship and innovative ideas to create our first cosy home. She is responsive, reliable and efficient who is always constantly following up closely with us in every step of the home reno. Communication has been very smooth as well; she patiently listens to what we want or need without enforcing her ideas on us (like what the other IDs we met did onto us). Being a home owner herself and knowing that it is our first time owning a place, she shares her personal experiences, offers practical suggestions and even shares good deals with us whenever she sees any. Trust is the most important in reno process. We feel safe in her good hands knowing that she is working in the best interests for us. Way to go Kris and First dot design! May news of your good reputation spread fast and furious! Keep up the good work!

Project Coordinator(s): KrisDion
Overall Rating:
Suhana J
 Posted on
August 8, 2017

First Dot Design did not fail to serve what I wanted. Maya, who was my ID, was always so patient, cooperative and ooohhh so gracious in providing and receiving ideas. I had something in my mind but as this is my first ‘project’ in renovating my home, I had difficulty expressing my dream kitchen and toilet. However, with the advice from First Dot Design team, specifically Maya, I managed to realise what I visualised. It has been a great pleasure working with Maya and team. Thank you so much for catering to my needs and wants and I pray that First Dot Design would prosper in years to come. Thank you Maya and the team!

Project Coordinator(s): Maya
Overall Rating:
Kel K
 Posted on
May 30, 2017

We were attended by Andy and impressed by his knowledge, professionalism and creativeness. Unlike other ID which basically just interested in closing the deal, Andy is sincere and non-pushy. We are impressed by his detail of work and his design that is within our budget. During the renovation, Andy and Yuting follow through the progress end to end and visited our house frequently to ensure that the renovation is in place. Everything is hassle free and well-taken care by Andy and Yuting! Appreciate the patient and flexibility despite of the several changes requested by us! Good workmanship and quality material too! Thank you and definitely first dot design will be on the top of my list for any future renovation!

Project Coordinator(s): Andy and Yuting
Overall Rating:
Kai S
 Posted on
May 16, 2017

From the moment we saw the 3D design, we knew we got the right guy. Alloysius always provided a very clear explanation of all his plans. His decisions were always made with sound reasonings, which balanced both the aesthetic and practical aspects of the outcome. Throughout the entire process he was patient to listen, receptive to feedback, helping to provide constructive advice, never pushy to make us overspend and ensured that we were always kept in the loop of any updates. He often went the extra mile to provide us with help we needed. The end-product was a true reflection of his brilliance and efforts, which certainly surpassed our expectations.
Thank you so much for all your help!

Project Coordinator(s): Alloysius
Overall Rating:
Kenneth O
 Posted on
November 26, 2016

Being home owners for the 1st time, we were quite lost in terms of knowledge towards renovation – the design, costs & work involved. Andy & Danny were there for us in every step, hand holding us and helping us make informed decisions; advising us on where and when to save and maximise our dollar, creatively following closely to our minimalistic theme, advising us on which colour/furniture works for our space.

We value the team for their integrity & their stand to deliver quality work even when the time is up against them. They constantly send us updates on the renovation progress, helping us to supervise & making sure all is smooth.

Thank you First Dot for transforming our space into a beautiful home & for being so dedicated to your big/small projects on hand. IDs/Project Managers like you guys are scarce. Keep on doing what you are doing. We wish you all success & for the business to grow exponentially!

Project Coordinator(s): Andy & Danny
Overall Rating: