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4A Pahang Street, Singapore 198605

About Elpis Interior Design

Once upon a time, there was few passionate interior designer, who started a small design business in Singapore. Clinet asked them to open studios, and soon they were working across whole wide Singapore.

Elpis Interior has proven to be one of the design consultation service provider for residential project.

TEAMWORK, INTEGRITY, and EXCELLENCE guide the selection of our clients, the relationships with our business partners, the recruitment of our team members, and the delivery of our services.

We are committed to building lasting relationships with everybody we deal with, be they a customer, an employee or of our many suppliers, we know that these people are what makes Elpis Interior great.

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Jeremy & Alicia
 Posted on
May 13, 2017

Our matrimonial home was done up by ZhiQi and Frederick and we decided to engage Elpis Interior Design as our ID after meeting them for the first discussion as we’ve got very good vibes from them that we can entrust our home to them and we were absolutely right!

ZhiQi and Frederick are both very accommodative and very good listeners. They understand the concept that we have in our minds and suggested a lot of creative ideas to us. Not only are they very friendly, approachable and innovative, they are also very patient and not pushy at all. They always try to help us out in every possible way and explain to us how they are going to get things done, taking the time to answer every question we have and solve every problem we faced.

Most importantly, as what they’ve advertised, there is no hidden cost! They were very detailed and precise when explaining the costs involved and there were no surprises in that aspect. Throughout the renovation process, we have nothing to worry and we have to compliment the workmanship of their carpentry works, which are flawless!
Thumbs up to both of them for their great team work and efforts! Once again, we are very grateful for everything they’ve done for us and we are glad that they’ve become our friends through this harmonious renovation process!

We highly recommend Elpis Interior Design to everyone! Sincerely a BIG THANK YOU to ZhiQi and Frederick! We wish Elpis great success and prosperity! All the best!

Jeremy & Alicia.

Project Coordinator(s): ZhiQi and Frederick
Overall Rating:
Zhen Hao
 Posted on
March 1, 2017

Stepher from Elpis came highly recommended, and we are glad we engaged them to design and build our lovely ‘resort’ from scratch.

Having looked at numerous quotes, Elpis’ quote was the most transparent, and cost-effective. The quotation was extremely clear with every single line item detailed properly so you know exactly what you are paying for. I liked the fact that Stepher was honest in his quotation and even helped me to cut cost by eliminating unnecessary work, and even asking me to find other suppliers for non-integral works such as my window grilles etc. (and yet offering to help me supervise the installations).

Stepher also listened attentively to our requirements, yet adding his own artistic touch, turning our kitchen into a masterpiece that we enjoy cooking in every single day. I was extremely impressed with his attention to details when we went shopping for tiles and we took 4 different samples of mosaic and he scanned them all in, and drew them into his 3D drawings to let us see the overall effect for every single one of them!

Stepher’s experience and knowledge in this line were also extremely valuable. He was able to pre-empt and highlight potential issues in our requirement and provide alternatives promptly. I wouldn’t have imagined what would happen if we proceeded with several of our requests only to discover the jarring error made!

When issues occurred during the renovation (which is inevitable in my opinion), Stepher handled them promptly, assessing all available options and discussing them with me. There was no shirking of responsibility or playing of the blame game. He was very professional and determined to deliver on his promise.

Since delivery, we have lived in for > 6 months. We have had our fair share of minor detects and when contacted, the response is always prompt as before and the rectification work was arranged and completed promptly as well.

I have heard of many horror renovation stories, but engaging Elpis for my renovation works was a breeze for me! I am so pleased with their services that I have been raving about them to my friends and of course, they have also had their homes beautifully delivered by Elpis too!

If I would move house in the future, the choice for renovation is clear for me!
Many thanks to Stepher and his team!

Project Coordinator(s): Stepher
Overall Rating:
Yung Ket
 Posted on
February 27, 2017

My house renovation ($70k w/o furnishing) took about 2.5 mths. It was an extensive overhaul to the 40 years old flat in original conditions. Looking back on the journey on how Stepher & Chloe have helped to translate my requirements with patience and professionalism, I cannot express enough thanks to the both of them and also their team of workers for the outstanding service attitude! I’m grateful of my decision to engage Elpis!

Project Coordinator(s): Stepher & Chloe
Overall Rating:
Abd Rah Man
 Posted on
February 23, 2017

Our ID, Ziyun, helped us create a warm and cozy home that we are proud to call our own. I appreciate the hardwork and patience that he put in to the job!

Project Coordinator(s): Ziyun
Overall Rating:
Yvonne Lim
 Posted on
February 22, 2017

We love our house and we have Stepher and Mengling to thank for it. Engaging Elpis was the best decision we made for the house. Stepher was methodical in finding out our requirements and preferences. His first drawing was already 90% to our final design. They were also very professional, letting us know at the onset the additional costs that would arise, for example, from our decision to hack one wall. They were also very responsive to the questions we pose on whatsapp, many times going the extra mile to find solutions for us. We also trusted them with the whole renovation, checking in not more than 5 times throughout the 2 months of renovation period! And they delivered!

Having moved in for a month, we found very few defects. For the remaining touch ups, we want to thank Mengling for being so on the ball getting the electrician, carpenter and painter to come by one after another. They even helped us fix the wall that was damaged by the piano movers. Thank you!

Project Coordinator(s): Stepher
Overall Rating:
Andrew C
 Posted on
November 4, 2016

My house was done by Frederick n wife n I can only say we are very happy with the outcome. Both of them will liaise with us and keep us updated. No regrets handling my house to them

Project Coordinator(s): Frederick n Jeffery
Overall Rating:
Melvin Y
 Posted on
September 21, 2016

Loved the designs that Zhiqi and Fredrick recommend for our place and they were very responsive and very detailed during each stage of the renovation. Nice people to work with and they were very professional and helpful whenever we needed suggestions. Thanks Zhiqi and Frederick.

Project Coordinator(s): Zhiqi and Frederick
Overall Rating: