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183 Jalan Pelikat #B1-89, The Promenade @ Pelikat, Singapore 537643

About Einstein Studio

Einstein Studio Pte Ltd (ESPL) established by the founders Y.T Ng and S.H Chong a team of husband and wife.

Y.T has been involved in sales and marketing appointment for 10 years, and S.H being a formally trained designer since young age, for over 10 years and passionate with home design and creative gadgets.The decision to venture out on our own business is a tough one.

Being true bred Singaporean we have many considerations and daily commitments to consider and look after, however after a long discussion we both weighed in the options we have and decided for adventure.Driven by our passions for design and entrepreneurial spirit, this is when Einstein Studio Pte Ltd is born.

During our work life journey, we have seen many cases where designers were not able to give their fullest service to their customer’s needs due to company policy, and we want to change that. Also, there are sales persons that over promised and under delivered, which is very common in this trade.

Many times we have questioned ourselves in a home owner’s perspective, believed that all this is wrong and should be prevented for the longevity of any business. Our core values and propositions to customers lay focused on a few important points:

  1. Ethical business approach
  2. Reliable persona
  3. Durable and practical design solutions
  4. Bringing comfortable design to our clients home
  5. Breaking rules for benefit to our customers

ESPL may be a new startup but we are no stranger to interior design, every design proposed has been carefully considered for feasibility and practicality of both construction and installation phase. This is an important factor reducing the possibility of variable orders during execution of project, if the project manager is not careful or inexperience many things can happen during the renovation period and incur more cost to owners.

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