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61 Ubi Road, #01-31, Oxley Bizhub, Singapore 408727

About DSOD Interior

A creative leading interior design firm established in 2012. DSOD has won several international awards across the world and our aims are to cultivate a corporate identity as an international designer brand that ensures all design are the highest quality and express the refine of creativity.

We offer multi-disciplinary expertise in residential, office, retail and F&B that undertake an appreciation of brand objective & lifestyle.

From the beginning, DSOD pioneered a sustainable approach to communication and further spectrum our expertise of enthusiasm and knowledge into the final process. The design we provide in DSOD is always distinct with its own character and giving an opportunity to change the feel of an empty space into an ever-lasting lifestyle. We also believed the strong connection between the quality of design and the art of packaging. Our design strategies are tailored to every individual project that collectively recognises as a constructive dialogue.

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Samuel S
 Posted on
June 7, 2017

I have so much love with DSOD. I shall list it down 1 by 1.1) Their designs are so IRRESISTIBLE that my wife and I can’t stop thinking of it even when we shop for other ID

1) Their designs are so IRRESISTIBLE that my wife and I can’t stop thinking of it even when we shop for other ID2) The team are so ACCOMMODATING that we do not want to leave their office and end up going home late.

2) The team are so ACCOMMODATING that we do not want to leave their office and end up going home late.3) Jed and Khalisa are so HELPFUL! Jed helped to touch up some paint by himself. Very professionally done. Khalisa

3) Jed and Khalisa are so HELPFUL! Jed helped to touch up some paint by himself. Very professionally done. Khalisa has to burn some of her Sunday to meet us to choose some tiles/doors. How can we don’t like them?

4) Don. The boss of DOSD. It’s all because of YOU! Because of your irresistible design, sweet talks, accommodating and helpful staffs that made us choose u.Lastly, thank you guys for everything. Without you, we may not have such a beautiful, comfortable house.

Lastly, thank you guys for everything. Without you, we may not have such a beautiful, comfortable house.The process of creating this house

The process of creating this house was memorable.. let’s not end our relationship here

Project Coordinator(s): Jed, Khalisa, Don
Overall Rating:
Ramesh E
 Posted on
June 4, 2017

DSOD is an excellent company that strives to fully satisfy. Amazing attention to detail and incredibly responsive. This was the only company that truly listened to our desires and made sure to explain all possible options and limitations that could lie ahead. They have a trustworthy, courteous and hardworking group of craftsman. The end was everything and more than we were hoping for.

We had a double volume space in our living room and building up stairs to the loft without support was a challenge which they made it possible.

Don is a very detailed person and he would not compromise on any tiny details which is the most satisfying part.

They made my family very happy and proud of our new home. Thank you!‎

Project Coordinator(s): Don
Overall Rating:
N20 Nail Spa
 Posted on
May 24, 2017

Engaging DSOD interior is really a pleasure and enjoyable journey. In design, they can go as wild but when certain requirements constraint, they are always there to change and advise wisely. In term of project, they accommodate the operation timeline we requested. For commercial, is really a plus point for them. Thank you very much DSOD Interior and team, Will definitely intro to all my business partner. From N20 Nail Spa

Project Coordinator(s):
Overall Rating:
 Posted on
May 19, 2017

I was very impressed with their renovation works done for my Best Friend, as such, during my course of looking for a reputable renovator, I went to check out #DSOD – Don Lin and his elite team.

Onward with their help and design planning, We proceed on to an incredibly quick 3 weeks duration of the amazing renovation.

Albeit some little mishaps or touchups required along the way, Don and team do not hesitate to help, by either providing advises or coming over to personally review and provide the fixes required.

My Wife and I are now happy owners of a nice beautiful comfortable place, we call now #Home.


Project Coordinator(s): Don Lin
Overall Rating:
Ken C
 Posted on
January 26, 2017

Great job by Don and Jed! Managed to turn my dream home into a reality within a short span of time… You can definitely trust his taste in design.

Project Coordinator(s): Don
Overall Rating:
Yvonne L
 Posted on
April 22, 2016

Saw my friend’s home and we loved it. Met up with Don who has designed their house to discuss ideas for my new home. I was very impressed with Don’s rich experience as he has provided us with a lot of necessary information that wasn’t told by other ID. Went to his office with my husband on the next appointment. We were awed by his professionalism and creativity when he was presenting to us his design. Overall we are very satisfied with his service and will definitely recommend people whom I know to him.

Project Coordinator(s): Don
Overall Rating:
Joelle S
 Posted on
April 22, 2016

Really glad to have DSOD building our first home sweet home. Don surprise us with his idea, he makes our home not just aesthetically but also comfortable to live in. They look at the big picture and give good advice how to make a house into a home. From lighting all the way to the material used, it’s all been well chosen to lasts.

Project Coordinator(s): Don
Overall Rating:
Ynneb A
 Posted on
February 20, 2016

I came across DSOD through word of mouth.

Just a little bit of background for those reading this review: My wife and I were very busy with work and had done almost NO research on the renovation. We were not keen on haggling over price, reading through all the fine lines, managing poor workmanship by constantly inspecting the house and having to chase people to get the house done.

We met up with Don and surprised him by telling him we had no idea what we want. He was very patient to share with us his past projects and basics on budgeting for renovation, the fitting and furniture. We also discussed on expectations and stated a budget. He also shared his expectations and things which he cannot compromise. I find that very professional and finally he made an effort to understand our lifestyles. We also understand that he has a flair for design and always trying out new stuff and we were open to it.

We decided to go with an open kitchen concept, open spaces, focus on simplicity and my wife loves black and he will find a way to use that colour. Don proposed his idea and we approved it. He toyed and proposed with the idea of painting the ceiling black. We loved the unconventional idea and went with it.

Following, all the meetings were constructive and informative. As he knew the overall concept, he helped us narrow down the choices for us to make. He would explain and listen to our views. At times, he questioned us on why we make certain decisions just to understand us more. This worked out fine for us as we see him exerting his professionalism to help us sing the same tune in this project. We consulted him down to the smallest details – design of bed, type of furniture and even positioning of appliances. Don worked with us on this project and turned the idea into a reality. We loved how he takes pride in this project.

Ricky is quick responding despite handling multiple projects. The truth is, throughout the whole renovation, my wife and I only went down to ‘spot-check’ the progress twice. What we really loved was when we found a defect, we would snap a picture and asked him if was meant to be like that. If it is a real defect – never once we get defensive response or met with any stupid excuse. The defect will be fixed within the week. The workmanship was also good.

Thank you DSOD for this positive experience.

If you are looking for the cheapest, there are many out there. If you are looking for quality material, good workmanship, quick response, honest, professional advice and a designer who is not a cookie cutter. Look for DSOD

Project Coordinator(s): Don, Ricky
Overall Rating: