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18 Boon Lay Way #01-120/136 Tradehub 21 Singapore 609966

About Diva’s Interior Design

Diva’ Interior is a One-Stop Solution that specialize in providing innovative and high quality interior design, space planning and renovation consultations and services for both Residential and Commercial projects.

With our experienced in-house designers, we provide consultation with affordable prices and will guide you through the process of your renovation. We also ensure that the after-service will be provided to all of our clients.

Our Mission
Our mission is to fulfill our clients’ desires by providing our professional and excellence service.

We also thrives to ensure that our professional interior designers go through intensive training and upgrades to bring about highest standard of quality and innovative works to our clients.

HDB License No: HB-11-4768C

[Interior Design] Diva's Interior Design: Clementi -

Project: 311A ClementiDesign: ModernRenovation Cost: $26,000 by Diva's Interior Design Pte Ltd through the list of Interior Designers, their reviews and portfolios - FREE Quotation:

Posted by Renonation Singapore on Friday, 20 April 2018

Awards & Accreditation

HDB License: HB-11-4768C
bizSAFE Star
QSCert ISO 9001
QSCert OHSAS 18001

Warranty/Guarantee: 2 Years

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Sherlin Chee
 Posted on
April 30, 2015
We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. We sincerely appreciate Eden’s responsiveness and the way he conduct business. We have recommended your company to others because of our satisfaction with his service.  
Project Coordinator(s): Eden
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Mr. Lam
 Posted on
May 20, 2014
I have visited a few home renovation companies to obtain a good feel of the processes and the amount of money I need to spend on turning my aging HDB flat into a condo look dream home. They were a mix of bigger names and other firms of smaller scale. We realized continue spending time on doing budget hunting do not make much sense and as such, we gave ourselves a short pause to work out a specification sheet detailing our basic and minimum expectation. This was used as a tool to obtain quotes for a better comparison not just basing on numbers alone. The result turn out to be fascinating and it has helped us to drop firms that has either sending me an inexperience representatives, or has given us impression that they are interested in bigger fish. With it, we were able to know the minimum budget to start with and the maximum we could tolerate, and in turns the additional justified budget we would invest to enrich our specification i.e. the variation orders. We eventually signed the contract with Diva’s Interior, which is not the one with lowest quote but the one who presented himself with clear quotation with no hidden clauses, good knowledge and dedication. The project manager assigned to undertook our project is a senior staff in the firm. He is a experience PM who knows how to plan, coordinate and monitor the entire works efficiently, knowing what and when to happen one after another and things that could go concurrent, and also explained why it should happen by giving me calls or messages for consultation. There were very minimum disruption to my works and I only need to be present for important events. The entire no nonsense project was completed in 6 weeks on time. In all these aspect, the project scheduling was excellent. Pricing was justified at the start but variation orders came in later. Although the VO was transparent and justified but I think it could have been part of the first quote by vetting through the whole house to see what have been missed out before commencing works. In terms of quality, all are according to what we have agreed upon and are in good order except the not so good paint job which has added a little imperfection to this aspect. We know not all things can be perfect in real world so I have alerted the PM that this will affect his already good network of contractors. All and all, we are extremely happy and satisfied with the entire experience with Diva’s Interior, not a big name though but a one who approach you with genuine attitude and professional services.
Project Coordinator(s): Tang
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
Bryant Chan
 Posted on
January 10, 2014
Being first time homeowners and having very little knowledge, my wife and I were worried about going through the whole renovation process initially. We are wondering if our dream home can be done within our budget and whether the process will cause us headaches. After going through a few options for Interior Designers, my wife and I decided to engage Daniel Tang from Diva’s Interior Design for our 4-room BTO project. It turned out to be a great decision on our part! Daniel made the whole process so much easier and I am very satisfied and impressed by his knowledge and professionalism. During the initial meeting, we told him our requirements for the home and he will listen attentively and point out if certain things are not practical or when there are better ways to do it. He also pointed out issues that we did not think of in the first place! He is aware of our budget and will propose things to save cost for us and to fit within our budget. He wasn’t pushy at all. We left the meeting feeling very confident about his expertise! Throughout the whole renovation process, it was quite a breeze for us as well. Painting, carpentry work and tiling etc. were done up nicely as per our 3D design and our requirements. Whenever there are issues that need to be fixed, we will give him a call and he will arrange his guys to get it fix promptly. He even helped us with a few items that are not stated in the quotation like fixing the TV wall bracket! To sum up, we are extremely pleased with Diva’s Interior Design and Daniel for their excellent service. It really brings a smile to our face whenever our guests commented how nice our home is. We will definitely use them again if we ever have a need for renovation. Highly recommended! Thanks Daniel!
Project Coordinator(s): Daniel Tang
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.
 Posted on
December 30, 2013
I am extremely happy with the services rendered by Daniel. He was very patient and understood my budget even before send us a quotation for my brand new BTO flat. He was very patient with me and his quote was value for money. I have visited 22 interior designers and contractors and all have given me quotes above 30k. It was obvious they were interested in the $$$ they would get and the the customer’s satisfaction. Daniel was however, different. Keep up the good work Daniel…. I will post more once the works are complete….
Project Coordinator(s): Daniel
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.