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90 Lorong 23 Geylang, Singapore 388393

About Cozyspace

Make A Home For Life.

Welcome to Cozyspace Interior, where we empower you to build a home that you love.

At Cozyspace, we like to think of ourselves as tailors. We’re eager to find out all about you, your lifestyle, and your passions, because we share your goal — to create a home that fits you perfectly.

What makes a great home? Aesthetics are important, but we pride ourselves on bringing practicality to the table too. After all, the best home is one that will lead you to a better (and happier) life.

At our first meeting, we’d love to hear your intentions for your home. But more importantly, we want to get to know you.

Share your stories with us, and together, we can build a home that you and your loved ones will thrive in.

What do we do best? Favour a minimalist, Scandinavian, Victorian, or eclectic look for your new home? We’ve got plenty of ideas to help you weave style elements into a home that’s also conducive for day-to-day living.

What’s different about us? We’re passionate about design, but it’s the human connections that we truly value.

Drawing from our roots, we believe it’s the heart (心) that counts. In our work, we’re guided by the principles that we hold dear — diligence (用心), integrity (真心), and attentive care (关心).

Above all, we understand that a home is a sanctuary, a creative space, and a place for relationships to flourish. Let us make it happen for

What do others say about us? Our clients have commended us for connecting the dots to bring their vision to reality, and for putting their minds at ease with our patience, transparency, and constant communication.

They’ve also praised our team for their excellent workmanship. “Beyond satisfaction” is how one happy customer puts it. (Read the reviews here.)

Ready to build your dream home? Drop us an email, text, or WhatsApp message to book a complimentary consultation session with us!

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