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71B Pagoda Street Singapore 059230

About Corazon Interior

At Corazon Interior, We listen, understand & pay attention to every details of clients wants & needs in order to fulfil for their dream home.
Interior design is about maximising the space and most importantly, the heart and effort puts in when space planning.

Company Overview:

A team of passionate designers aiming to fulfil every clients wants & needs to their home. Our goal is to make each of every home renovation project to transform a house into own home; a place where you feel comfortable in, a place that you look forward to return to after a tiring day at work.

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Chiatyin G
 Posted on
May 10, 2017

Sheldon was recommended by a friend who also engaged him for renovation. We met quite a few ids before that but contrary to the others who just designed based on floor plan, Sheldon was the one who wanted to know more about our lifestyle so he could provide the best design. Throughout the whole process, he was very attentive to details & offered solutions and alternatives to meet our design requirements and budget. He was also very helpful in after service, be it putting up of storage shelves, or minor touchups.

We went ahead to start on reno when we were overseas, and Sheldon kept us constantly posted on updates, so we could see the progress. This made us sure that we left the house in good hands!

Overall, I would very much recommend Sheldon as a trustworthy, reliable, responsible and responsive (very impt trait) I.D for your renovation!

Project Coordinator(s): Sheldon
Overall Rating:
Jay H
 Posted on
May 7, 2017

Corazon Interior really lives and breathes by their company name “Corazon” = Heart. Eric did a fantastic job by putting his heart and soul in bringing a dream to reality. What especially impresses me about Eric is his patience, willingness and responsiveness in answering my queries. Eric always avail himself readily to resolve issues and treats every matter no matter how small as important. His final product is of high quality and workmanship and is worth every cent. I would highly recommend anyone who is embarking on their renovation to consider Corazon Interior!

Project Coordinator(s): Eric
Overall Rating:
Kai Le & Gabriel
 Posted on
April 30, 2017

Trustworthy. Committed. Professional. Sincere. These are the qualities we have experienced with Sheldon from Corazon Interior.

After our meetings with 4 different interior designers, we chose to engage Sheldon as our ID as we felt that he was professional, diligent and sincere in helping us design our desired home. Also, he was the only ID who appeared to be well prepared for our first meeting and we could tell that he had studied our house layout which we had sent to him beforehand. Most importantly, he was someone we felt that we could trust.

Sheldon offered us many practical ideas and did not hesitate to clarify our doubts. He was also very prompt in responding to our queries through whatsapp. In addition, he kept us updated on the progress of the renovation by sending us pictures regularly.

Sheldon also went the extra mile to accompany us to various stores to purchase our household items and provided us with many useful advice on how to choose the items such as lights and furniture along the way.

The renovation process was a smooth one and we are extremely thankful to Sheldon for overseeing the whole of it! Even after the renovation was done, Sheldon remained responsive to our queries and was quick to assist us when we required minor touch ups.

Highly recommended! 🙂

Project Coordinator(s): Sheldon
Overall Rating:
Jasmine K
 Posted on
April 29, 2017

After countless meetings and discussions with 5-6 IDs, we finally decided to engage Corazon as the ID of our first ever home. We felt at ease during all the meetings with Sheldon. Sheldon provided not only creative but practical ideas. He is very accommodating and tried as best as he could to fulfil our needs and wants, though there were times he would politely turn down our request or provide reminders on the practicability of certain designs that we wanted. Now living in our own crib and thinking back, we totally thank Sheldon for all the valuable advice!

Sheldon is really very patient with us and very responsive to messages. Many times we disrupted his weekends, as we needed opinions in choosing everything from lights to furniture, to colour of the carpet and etc, as weekends were the only time we could do our shopping. Always on the ball!

Be rest assured that you will receive quality work as Sheldon’s team of contractors, electricians, plumbers and painters are very experienced. Surprises upon surprises! Impressed with the attention to details and the professionalism of Sheldon and the whole team.

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks Sheldon for his time and effort in making our dream house come true. Needless to say more. Highly recommended.

Project Coordinator(s): Sheldon
Overall Rating:
Adeline N
 Posted on
April 23, 2017

Eric was recommended by a friend because of his good experience with Eric in renovating his place. It has indeed turned out to be commendable. From the point of quotation to conceptualization to actual completion of work, Eric has been very attentive to my needs and ideas, patient in clearing my doubt and give constructive suggestions.

What is amazing is the schedule to completion. He has worked with his contractors to meet 100% of the timeline. Yet, the quality of work is still A class with some acceptable imperfection. Having said that, he rectified them quickly.

What makes Corazon truly our first choice is when there is an issue after completion, Eric still takes great ownership and follow up end to end promptly.

Keep up the good work!

Project Coordinator(s): Eric
Overall Rating:
Kaiwei C
 Posted on
April 21, 2017

Sheldon did a great job with my home and I would highly recommend him to any other homeowners.

We got to know Sheldon through a colleague who had earlier engaged him as her ID. In comparison to the 11 other IDs that we met, Sheldon came across as being the most honest. He gave objective advice and did not just agree to everything the wife and I wanted if it didn’t make design-sense. Sheldon’s familiarity and end-to-end know-how of the entire process involved in the entire project gave us a sense of assurance.

Throughout the project, Sheldon was very responsive to our queries, and was able to rectify any hiccups quickly. This gave the wife and I a really enjoyable experience in building our nest, rather than fretting over details or dealing with not-so-responsible IDs. Quality-wise, the wife and I couldn’t be happier with workmanship of all the build-in fixtures. Of course there were some minor scuffs here and there but those were rectified most pleasingly.

Project Coordinator(s): Sheldon
Overall Rating:
Huiling G
 Posted on
March 29, 2017

Sheldon was recommended by hubby’s 2 colleagues who also engaged him as their ID. We met him and a few other IDs to get some quotes but few were as competitive as that provided by Sheldon. Most importantly, Sheldon was passionate about his work and design.

As we had some unused space in our homes, we were looking for creative ideas on the effective use of space. Sheldon was very creative and helpful in providing a range of options for us, yet he wasn’t pushy on his ideas.

Likewise, hubby and I are not exactly good with colour schemes and know zilch abt design. Neither were we able to suggest any specific improvements relating to any colour to achieve a style/feel in which we both like. Nevertheless Sheldon was understanding and patient in providing us suggestions and various versions of 3D drawing so that we can visualise the suggested change.

Sheldon also provided much advice on various layout from the overall outlook of the house to details on the practical placement of various household apparatus. He provided timely updates on the progress through whatsapp photos from the start till the end of the project. We could therefore set our heart at ease without having to visit to check on progress every week. Besides, Sheldon went the extra mile especially while we were purchasing our furniture, Lightings etc. We are indeed thankful for his professional service and highly satisfied with the finished outcome! Double thumbs up!

Project Coordinator(s): Sheldon
Overall Rating:
Aaron T
 Posted on
March 21, 2017

I did my office renovation of ATD Solution (S) Pte Ltd and after shortlisting then Corazon Interior design was selected based on the Excellent Design Impression that turned out to be very professional and I was very happy with the quality of works and prompt response they provided throughout the 3 months work. In short, if you are looking for a good and reliable office renovation designer, look no further than Corazon to save your time and hassle.

Project Coordinator(s):
Overall Rating: