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2 Whampoa Drive, Singapore 327713

About Colourbox Interior

At Colourbox, an established interior design company which is ready to serve your requirements from conceptualizing to producing the end product. It has helped a lot of couples, families and business owners to build their homes and offices of their dreams.

We provide expert advice, backed by our extensive knowledge of current trends and our unique insights into future trends in the world of design. Our network of diverse and reliable contacts in the design industry will ensure that the construction of your homes and offices are of the utmost quality.

Colourbox was created with one aim – to relieve you of all frustrations when it comes to design. Harnessing the talents and years of experience of our artists, Colourbox will be the magic paintbrush which brings your dream home to life.

We take pride in our personalized working style, known as “Dream to Life”, which puts you, our valued customer, at its centre.

Awards & Accreditation

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Firman B
 Posted on
July 7, 2017

Steven did a superb job delivering our home. Professional fella, very accommodating even when there were hiccups on our part. Made things easy and simple. Didn’t burn a hole in our pockets too most importantly! Would definitely recommend them to others.

Project Coordinator(s): Steven
Overall Rating:
 Posted on
June 26, 2017

We would like to thank Dennis & team, for their good workmanship. With Dennis’ help, we saved alot of hassles, and comfortably leave things under his care.

Project Coordinator(s): Dennis
Overall Rating:
Henji T
 Posted on
May 21, 2017

We would like to thank Cris from Colourbox Interior for the wonderful job he has done for our home. He is approachable and always receptive to our requirements or any changes during the reno process. His design fulfils exactly what we wanted with a competitive and transparent pricing, something we are very thankful for as we know there can be a lot of hidden costs involved in the renovation.

While there are minor hiccups and defects as with any renovation project, Cris is always efficient to provide us with solutions and ensure problems are rectified quickly. Thanks Cris, it has been a great experience for us, and we are proud of the result.

Project Coordinator(s): Cris
Overall Rating:
Neo Z
 Posted on
May 6, 2017

We would like to sincerely thank Cris from Colourbox Interior Design for the excellent work on our new house! He was very responsive and provided timely updates throughout the whole renovation process.
Along the way, there were some minor defects but they were rectified immediately and efficiently. It was a pleasant experience working with him!

We will highly recommend Cris to home owners who are looking for a responsible and committed ID. Once again, thank you for helping us to achieve our dream home that we are so proud of.

Project Coordinator(s): Cris
Overall Rating:
Ivy T
 Posted on
December 14, 2016

I would like to thank Colourbox Interior esp my ID Jimmy. He is approachable & committed. He also gave regular updates to keep me posted on project progress and was responsive to follow up. Thumbs up for Colourbox Interior & my ID Jimmy 🙂

Project Coordinator(s): Jimmy
Overall Rating: