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10 Raeburn Park, Block A, #04-02, Singapore 088702

About akiHAUS

akiHAUS is a boutique architectural and interior design consultancy firm. We pride ourselves in delivering elegant, timeless architecture & interiors, creating works that not only exhibit spatial sensibilities but engage the senses as well through the skillful crafting of space, light and materiality.

The firm believes that the houses and interiors we create should always be an extension of its Owners’ dreams and aspirations. This we achieve through close collaboration with our Clients. With our established relationships with the most skilled craftsmen and artisans, our designs are carefully considered to every last detail, tailor-made to the Owners’ lifestyle and needs.

For the curious, akiHAUS’ name itself is a reflection of our approach to design. ‘aki’, short for architecture, intentionally spelt to resemble a Japanese word, is a literal symbolism of the east. ‘HAUS’, German for house, is the counterpart representation of the west.

akiHAUS, literally meaning ‘architecture house’, is thus representative of a firm that draws its inspiration universally from both east and west, combining knowledge from history with present day innovations. The age-old conundrum of form vs function is a non-issue with akiHAUS, for we see both elements as fundamental to any living space and they co-exist in equilibrium through our designs.

Here at akiHAUS, we aspire to create works that are timeless, and this necessarily rejects the subscription to any architectural or design style. The only style evident in our works is its uniqueness to each Owner, to you.

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