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462 Crawford Lane, #02-61, Singapore 190462

About Adroit Interior Design

Adroit Interior Design came to fruition when we saw the need for creativity. Homes done up did not feel personalised at all. Here at Adroit ID, we aim to integrate every bit of you into your dream home, making each and every part of your home unique, only to you. We live and breathe creativity all the time. Adroit Interior Designers are constantly reinventing the Interior Design industry. Going with Bold Ideas, Clean Colours, and Maximising Space to make your home look spacious! There is a saying, “Everyone is Unique in their own way”, we want to capture every bit of you, personalised & incorporate it into your home. Upon the arrival of your home, guests and family members will be able to recognise that this is indeed, your very own home.

Adroit ID was formed to cater to Residential needs, whereas our Parent company, Athena Concepts focuses more on commercial fit outs. Even with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Athena and Adroit are always looking forward to redefining all our future projects with you on board.

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Paul Richardson
 Posted on
April 8, 2018

We worked with Kandy for our renovation. Kandy was very easy to work with and very receptive and supportive of our ideas. She was very creative in turning our vague ideas into actual designs and didn’t just go for run of the mill ordinary designs. She also included many little things to make day-to-day life easier as well as (very politely and respectfully) pushing back on some of our wilder ideas that would not have turned out so well. The renovation work itself went very smoothly, was on time and was well project managed.

Project Coordinator(s): Kandy
Overall Rating:
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Sebastien d’Armancourt
 Posted on
March 27, 2018

We did our ID with Ashley for a 5 room HDB. From the starts, she was very attentive to what type of feel and design we wanted for our house, as well as to keep the reno cost within our budget. Along the way, she advised us a lot on everything we needed, kitchen carpentry, finding the right colour scheme, bathroom, plug and switch placement…

Working with Ashley was very easy, and she handled well all the schedule and contractors work.
If there were any mistakes (never a major one), she arranged quickly to have it fixed by the contractor. Even after that our place was completed, she has still helped to fix some small issue that came up. Overall, a great experience and someone to recommend for your ID.

Project Coordinator(s): Ashley
Overall Rating:
Reviews are posted directly from the reviewer, it can and/or may be biased.