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24 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City #01-91/92/93 Singapore 573970

About 3D Innovations

3D INNOVATIONS was a one-stop solution for interior design & renovationcompany which was inaugurated as chern hock renovation in 1982. As an ISO 9001 awarded company, we strives to provide excellent services, creativity design & delivery quality finishing works to its highest standard. We has its own carpentry workshop aiming to ensure quality & material control for all customized carpentry work. Focusing on customer-oriented, we strives to fullfill its client requirement in prior meeting to their budget during our free consultation.

To distinguish ourselves by accentuating on our core values, which are:
1. Design Supreme
2. Dedication to their Clients
3. Drive to deliver

Strengthen by its diverse group of professionals, experience in-house contractors, designers & associates partners, 3D INNOVATIONS is providing a 5 years workmanship warranty.

Awards & Accreditation

Established since: 1982

Warranty/Guarantee: 5 Years

Total Reviews: 16
Joc Tay
 Posted on
August 3, 2017

It was a horrible experience dealing with Andrew from 3D innovation.

When we feedback to him the poor quality outcome, he became defensive and was extremely rude.

Total lack of integrity. When we asked him about the extra shelving he promised and failed to deliver, initially he said it was not delivered because he was waiting for us to give measurement (which is like so weird cos the carpenter was the one who came to our house to take the measurement for customisation of the cupboard) then ltr he said that he asked us whether we need the shelving but we said don’t need (when we raised the question of shouldn’t the carpenter have the measurement?)

He took our access token and house key but did not even bother to turn up to open the door for his carpenter when they came over to do the installation. When we asked for the access token and house key to be returned to us through his branch manager (cos he refused to follow up on the rectification works), we were told to go to their midview city to collect. We specially made time to go down but upon arrival, his colleague (whom we have never deal with) return us only the access token. We asked for our key (so the colleague called him to find out) and was informed by his colleague that Andrew told him we did not pass him any house key. After we insisted we did, his colleague asked Andrew to check again, then he said he forgot about it and will pass to their carpenter (their sub-con) to pass the key back to us. However, it never happens. We have not received our house key back.

They should seriously improve their quality and customer service otherwise they should be blacklisted.

Project Coordinator(s): Andrew & Melissa Quah
Overall Rating:
Amir S
 Posted on
May 25, 2017

Jensen Ling did such an amazing job with my 2-room flat! The newer 2A-flat layout has not much space to work with, and it is incredibly hard to move around or put anything in it. If you were to fix a built-in wardrobe in the room, you probably won’t be able to fit a queen size bed. That’s how tight it is!

I’ve met a few other designers from other firms, and none of them suggested what Jensen did while considering the budget I had. And when they did, the budget simply doubled!
Jensen and I spoke for a few hours trying to see how we can make this tiny space work for my wife, my child and me.

We decided to hack the bedroom wall and extend it towards the living area. We also redesigned the layout of the bathroom.

I can tell that Jensen has a lot of experience dealing with interiors. People have been amazed by the look of this flat now, and when we tell them that this is a 2A flat, they just couldn’t believe!

People usually have this stigma against small flats, thinking that it is not comfortable living in a small space. To be honest, I’ve never felt more comfortable after Jensen helped us redesign the house. It feels great, it looks amazing!

What I love about Jensen is that, no matter how small your budget is, he still makes you feel like your house is a priority! Thank you, Jensen Ling! We really appreciate all the effort!

Project Coordinator(s): Jensen
Overall Rating:
Klarin T
 Posted on
May 23, 2017

Our dream comes true for a simple n cosy home, with help of Bryan from 3D innovations 😉 Bryan is one who tries his best to accommodate our requests n a friendly easy going sales person in 3D. Without him, our cost would go much higher than our budget 🙂 Thank you so much, Bryan!

Project Coordinator(s): Bryan
Overall Rating:
Muhd Siddiq‎
 Posted on
May 11, 2017

Our journey started in February 2017, where we decided to head to 3D Innovations at Tradehub 21 to start our dream home journey on our first abode.

We were being served by a friendly Sales Manager namely, Clive Lim. He was very attentive to our needs and we shared with him how we pictured our house to be. Something minimalistic but with elegance. He was very helpful and showed us different designs to further improvised our ideas.

The price he quoted us was reasonable and we started the journey to renovate our abode almost immediately. Clive brought us to a well-known tiling company to choose our flooring tiles, Craftstone for our TV area and Moroccan tiles for our both bathrooms (all of which we are in love with).

Clive has always been there from the start of our renovation and will keep coming to our house to check on the progress. We are truly appreciative of his hard work and he will update us through WhatsApp on the progress of our house every single time. If there are any changes, Clive will keep us updated and share his findings with us and we are really grateful for it.

We have officially moved into our dream house for almost a month, our families and relatives have come to visit and they were impressed to see our house. We received great reviews and feedbacks about our house. Along the way, there were minor touch ups however Clive did it promptly and solved the issue immediately without us prompting him to do so!

We would like to take this opportunity to say our heartfelt thanks to Clive Lim from Tradehub 21 Outlet for his patience in achieving our dream house that we always dream of. For those who are still finding for a renovation company and ID, please drop by to Tradehub 21 and look for Clive Lim, he won’t disappoint you, definitely! He can be contacted at Hp: 96712111, always ready for any enquiries.

Thank you once again, we wish you all the best and continue to prosper in your journey! A very good job and excellent service provided! KUDOS!!

Project Coordinator(s): Clive Lim
Overall Rating:
Kuku Malu
 Posted on
April 24, 2017

All the while I & my husband has wanted to change our kitchen cabinet which was very old. My sister in law recommended 3D Innovation to us. A very big thank you to Stanley Tan from Tradehub Branch for his kind understanding & patience, always trying his best to coordinate my timing with his contractors. The workmanship is good. We are very happy with our new kitchen cabinet

Project Coordinator(s): Stanley Tan
Overall Rating:
Joseph Lee‎
 Posted on
April 22, 2017

Allan Chee was my ID n he transformed my new house. He was professional in his advice n services n he was there to sort out the various issues that come up during reno. Once again big thanks to Allan.

Project Coordinator(s): Allan Chee
Overall Rating:
Wee Yong Poh
 Posted on
April 21, 2017

We are thankful to Allan Chee and his team with for all the effort to make our home a nice and comfortable place to stay in.

His passion and genuine attitude have impressed us, knowing that he has gone the extra miles to get things done.

He has very much taken pride in his work by ensuring that the renovation workmanship meets the high-quality standards.

To value add the service, he often followed up by updating us promptly the renovation status.

It is a true privilege for me and my wife to provide Allan Chee with our highest recommendation.

Project Coordinator(s): Allan Chee
Overall Rating:
Alan Chia
 Posted on
April 19, 2017

3D INNOVATION & Designer Jensen Ling done a Great Job ..designed my living room so beautiful and good workmanship the price is reasonable.. Designer Jensen Ling is a very responsible and helpful person and done thing fast

Project Coordinator(s): Jensen Ling
Overall Rating:
Eggie Roll‎
 Posted on
April 2, 2017

I engaged with Jayden last year and took up the 2 toilets 1 kitchen package for the renovation. Overall, I am pleased with the quality of workmanship and material. The contractors were quite skilled and did a good job as requested. Although there was a bit of delay and some minor issues, Jayden managed to fulfil his responsibilities and patched up any problems occurred.
Thanks a lot to Jayden and 3D Innovations team for a job well done.
I have attached the pictures taken with my mobile phone of my renovated 2 toilets and 1 kitchen.

Project Coordinator(s): Jayden
Overall Rating:
Wendy Tay
 Posted on
March 14, 2017

I have engaged Carmen Yang, located at TradeHub 21 for my kitchen renovation. She is helpful and friendly, when she know that I need it to be done asap even she was on leave she asks her colleague to assist me.
When I message her for the problem on the kitchen drawer after 6 months she did the response to my message and arrange worker to come to fix for me the soonest.
Actually, when I talked to her on the phone, I was surprised that she still remember me and things that I have mentioned to her before.
To Carmen, thanks

Project Coordinator(s): Carmen Yang
Overall Rating:
Sara Tan
 Posted on
February 10, 2017

Hi Gene, Buying a new apt and turning it into a home is indeed a milestone for us. Thank you for playing a part in this significant event of our lives. We appreciate your patience and understanding throughout this project.I love the texture of wood in my home, it brings me closer to nature and the tranquillity it exudes. Simple as it is, I found perfection in the midst of imperfection. The carpenter’s work was neat and delicate, skilfully executed. Please send my regards to the painter boy too, he was very obliging and sweet natured. I was pleasantly surprised that you took the trouble to attend to me after a lapse of almost 7 months. Thank you, Gene, for this is service worth emulating. Wishing you all the best in your endeavors.

Project Coordinator(s): Gene
Overall Rating:
Sudi Hertina‎
 Posted on
February 2, 2017

It has been awhile, we would like to say thanks so much to Bryan for helping us on the renovation of our new house at Compassvale Helm, Bryan is dedicated to our request at all time. Although there some hiccups with the worker n minor issue on the workmanship, whenever we feedback to him, he will try his best to settle for us. Overall we are happy with your service that you random to us. Thanks, Bryan and sorry for the late post. You are awesome

Project Coordinator(s): Bryan
Overall Rating:
Clara Ling
 Posted on
January 8, 2017

Thanks Bryan for doing up my place wonderfully. Being a major reno where we are taking apart everything and hacking walls, there will definitely be unforeseen circumstances and hiccups. Bryan followed thru all these and was very accommodating when it comes to changes due to these roadblocks and unforeseen issues with the house and the reno works. Overall, my house looks fantastic, workmanship for carpentry and glassworks are fantastic. Whenever a defect is reported, Bryan makes sure someone comes over quickly to resolve it. And even if it doesn’t happen in next few days, he follows up to make sure a date is set. Great big thanks to Bryan for his hard work.

Project Coordinator(s): Bryan
Overall Rating:
Clare Cheng‎
 Posted on
December 31, 2016

Thank you, Gene, for overseeing the Reno for my 5 room flat! It looks great, modern and bright! The carpentry work is perfect and the flooring is well done!

Project Coordinator(s): Gene
Overall Rating:
Mark Smith
 Posted on
October 9, 2015

I am using this Interior Design Service last 2 year with successful to decorate our office and personal room by professional staff.

Project Coordinator(s): Darren
Overall Rating:
 Posted on
August 19, 2015

Renovation started on 26 May 15. Guess what? The renovation was a nightmare and still on going . I am glad I have kept all the WhatsApp conversations and photographs for their unprofessional dealings. I was almost charged for a water pipe/water leakage that was caused during the renovation and that was under Town council purview to change but was insisted by the ID. Lucky I went to called up the town council myself. Few days ago, the electrician came over and cut of my new fiber line and did a ridiculous box up . I was supposed to have a gas cylinder placed under the kitchen stove and guess what again? They went to did shelving at the gas cylinder area. Oh! The ID still informed me that I can removed it by myself when it’s fixed to the cabinet. So many failures going on . Eg: box up unbalance , rubbish chute damaged by the workers and asked them to patch up but I have to bare for the cost when they did the damages? Lols!? Not forgetting that I was informed that the quotation did not include plastering and out of “good faith”the ID actually plaster the kitchen for me. Now he is going to charge me $750 for the plastering. Wow. I know I am a girl. But don’t bully me like that leh. Wanna eat my money also not like that la? Wait. Actually not only me. Look at the number of bad reviews u had. Who is the CEO of this company? Is there any? Lols!  

Project Coordinator(s): Mack Yeo
Overall Rating: