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Proactive Anti-Insect Infestation Renovation


A lot of homes in Singapore, especially those with a lot of wooden furniture and fixtures either are in the early stages of termite infestation, are currently battling termite infestation or are not aware that their homes have termite infestations.

That is why a proactive home renovation should be in place. What is proactive home renovation? A proactive home renovation entails ensuring that your homes are protected from these harmful little creatures. These termites are small but deadly and they chew on your furniture and can even cause structural damage to your house. Often, you won’t know they are around until some form of damage is done.

That is precisely what we are trying to avoid with a proactive home renovation. This is to protect your homes using trusted and safe measures against the dreaded subterranean termites or white ants. As these underground insects feed exclusively on wood or wood products that contain cellulose, you should target and give careful attention to wooden areas. Cellulose is the structural component of the primary cell wall of green plants.

For those of you who are not aware, cellulose is obtained from wood pulp and cotton and is used to make cardboard, cellophane, paper and rayon. Thus, you should look out for items in your areas other than those pure wood products. These items may include artworks, books, carpets, clothing and flooring.

Usually, proactive home renovation involves setting up baits. Xterm is one of the most revolutionary baits available and they are often placed into the ground, near foundations of homes and even on window ledges. Termites are attracted to these baits. These baits contain a slow-release toxicant that provides ample time for the termites to return to their nest and eliminate the colony. It is always be better to consider future issues and problems when doing home renovations.

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