18 Pretty Kitchens with Peninsulas to Show You Don’t Need an Island

  • May 11, 2023

Kitchen islands—who needs them? Not these fabulous cooking spaces with peninsula counters. Unlike a kitchen island, a peninsula isn’t freestanding and has one side of it either attached to the wall or to the rest of the counters. It’s a great option for small spaces since it takes up considerably less footprint, but it can also be an opportunity for your kitchen to put its best face forward, as shown in the homes below.

1. Extension Plans

This petite kitchen was able to extend its counter space with a peninsula. Not only does it offer more room for prep, but it also affords the homeowners a cosy breakfast nook.

Design: Home Philosophy

2. Divide and Conquer

Stretching across the full length of the kitchen, the peninsula helps to hide the mess behind, while also serving as a form of visual separation between the cooking space and the living room. An overhang offers up countertop seating for two (or more).

Design: Ovon Design

3. Style Factor

Matching the baby blues of the rest of the cabinetry, this kitchen peninsula provides storage room on both sides of the counter and a raised ledge keeps the countertop clutter out of sight. But perhaps most notable are the arch insets that serve as eye candy and help to balance out the geometric lines and edges in the kitchen design.

Design: Free Space Intent

4. Open Ended

The peninsula counter here is joined together with the rest of the countertops. A rounded edge makes for an attractive statement and also smoothens the traffic flow in and out of the kitchen. The open design of the peninsula reduces the visual heft so the overall look feels lighter and airier, and it also makes for more convenient seating on both sides of the counter.

Design: Ethereall

5. Colour Contrast

Like a kitchen island, a peninsula counter can also serve as a stand-out feature in the space. Here, the lean structure is swathed in dark charcoal grey in contrast to the white cabinets behind it. Wood details in the rattan chairs furnish a sense of warmth.

Design: Ascend Design

6. Helping Hand

Covered in striking graphic tiles, this peninsula is as much a prep space as it is a back support for the built-in dining nook right next to the kitchen.

Design: Home Philosophy

7. Containment Strategy

In this all-black kitchen, bi-fold glass panels rest on the bar-height peninsula counter. The glass panels can be drawn during heavy cooking sessions, containing the fumes and grease in the cooking space.

Design: Fifth Avenue Interior

8. Marvel at Marble

This kitchen is divided into a dry and wet zone, with the dry kitchen area featuring a peninsula counter that is partly clad in marble laminate. The swirls offer a juxtaposition to all the wood and elevate the luxe factor of the space.

Design: Sen Concept ID

9. Alley Way

In this beautiful white kitchen, a peninsula counter was chosen to create a more balanced and streamlined galley-style layout. Although it meant reducing the number of top cabinets, it provided additional seating for an inviting eat-in setup.

Design: D’ Initial Concept

10. Breaking Bad

Having the peninsula go beyond this flat's structural column helps break out the conventional silhouette and confines of an HDB kitchen. Plus, they allow space for open shelves and a catch-all station, perfect for displaying your favourite serving wares.

Design: The Local Inn.terior

11. Fancy Flutes

A neutral kitchen says timeless, but it can be a bit one-dimensional. Here, a peninsula counter gets dressed up with fluted panels by the side, adding textural interest to the space.

Design: Key Concept

12. Two in One

It turns out you can have both a kitchen island and a kitchen peninsula in the same area. In this coastal-inspired home, they each serve a different purpose. The island is primarily used for washing up and the peninsula doubles as a spot for food preparation and dining, complete with convenient shelves for cookbooks.

Design: Rezt n Relax

13. Being Different

Here's one that's perfect for entertaining! This unique L-shaped peninsula counter provides ample countertop space while maintaining an open and unrestricted flow of kitchen traffic.

Design: Authors Interior & Styling

14. Eye Trickery

Extending the tile pattern of the peninsula counter to the adjacent wall is one way to enjoy more of the motif even from the dining area, but it also has the effect of lengthening the sense of space.

Design: Monocot

15. Small, but Mighty

The peninsula in this kitchen may seem like a small counter extension, but it serves a dual purpose. It provides extra countertop space and helps to create a designated dry kitchen area and a separate entryway for the apartment.

Design: The Local Inn.terior

16. Creating Curves

Wrapping around the wall, this curvilinear peninsula counter mirrors the partial arch entrance of the kitchen, creating quite the spectacle in this home. Eking out a recessed area in the middle opens up seating for two.

Design: Artspaze

17. Double Duty

The dining table is interwoven into the design of the peninsula counter here, so much of it is set at a comfortable height for eating with only a small section designed at counter height.

Design: Monocot

18. Making it Multipurpose

Another dining table-kitchen counter combo, except this time the entire structure is one length. The sink is also located on this peninsula, so a raised ledge surrounds it to serve as a splash guard. There are also bottom cabinets and open shelves by the side, making this peninsula a major multitasker.

Design: Ethereall

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