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Pressies for Mommy!

Given that it’s Mother’s Day on 11 May, we at RenoNation feel that it’s our civic duty to remind you of this very important day before panic sets in. So have you decided on what to buy for your mom yet? Most people will probably take theirs for a meal at a restaurant but if you prefer to be a little less mainstream, here are some ideas that we’ve collected for you!

Mama Mia~ – Atlas 150 Aluminum Pasta Maker

If your mom loves to cook up a storm in the kitchen and makes pasta from scratch, then this manual pasta maker from Crate & Barrel (ION Orchard) should make a great lifelong companion. It not only puts out the perfect linguine, spaghetti and lasagne in minutes, it’s also easy to clean because of its removable double-cutter. Just don’t expect to cook her own meal on Mother’s Day. =x (Price: $125.95)



Bring it on! – Polar Loop Activity Tracker

Old age doesn’t mean inactivity. Help your mom track her daily, weekly and monthly activities with the Polar Loop Activity Tracker. It gives feedback on the calories burnt, number of steps taken and is also waterproof so she can take it along when she’s swimming too! (Price: $149)



Juicing for Health – Coway Juicepresso

Help your mom achieve a healthier lifestyle through juicing with the Coway Juicepresso! A unique slow juicer with a 3-in-1 Smart Extraction System that extracts every single drop of juice with a slow and thorough screw rotation. It’s also designed with an advanced safety technology that prevents the fingers from reaching the ultem screw because a protection layer is installed inside the juicer outlet. Even if the hopper is not closed properly or the system is clogged, the juicer will automatically stop. Plus it only has a low operational noise of 55 decibels, so your mom can make her daily dose of juice without making a racket. (Price: $798)



Vanilla Sky – Creme Brulee Fragrance

Does your mom love the enchanting whiff of vanilla? Then the Creme Brulee scented candle from Amore Essentials will fill her rooms with a pleasant scent that isn’t too cloying or chokingly sweet. Great for any place or occasion, the candle burns for 90 hours and will provide a nice long period of aromatherapy! (Price: $49)



Foot Therapy – OTO Power Foot

To take care of the entire family, your mom spends lots of time on her feet—subjecting them to lots of stress and pressure. This is when the OTO Power Foot comes in handy! A collaboration between OTO and Philips, this foot massager is designed to give your mother a comprehensive and satisfying massage from her knees and calves all the way to her ankles, toes, and soles; delivering a one-of-a-kind butterfly motion with the 74 unique nodes mounted on roller drums.


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