9 Practical Renovation and Furnishing Tips for Abodes Near the Coastal Sea

  • Jan 16, 2023

Living next to blue spaces is known to improve our mental health and wellbeing. Therefore, it is not surprising that many homeowners aspire to stay near the sea, so that they can wake up to a refreshing sea breeze, with the majestic sun rising over the horizon. However, living next to the coast does have some challenges, caused by the salty air breeze and high moisture and humidity. Nevertheless fret not! Here are 9 renovation and furnishing tips provided by the experienced home interior design professionals.

#1. Avoid chrome finish faucets and fixtures 

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In general, chrome-plated kitchen and bathroom faucets and fixtures have poor resistance to corrosion.  This is because the chrome plating develops micro-cracks easily which reduces the lifespan of the faucets and fixtures.  As a typical chrome plating has a salt spray resistance of around 150 - 200 hours, the chrome plating will not last in an environment exposed to strong coastal salt air. 

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Although the salt in the environment does not make a metal rust, it speeds up the metal rusting process as electrons shift more easily in a salt saturated environment.

#2. Choose all-brass or solid brass faucets and fixtures

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Although more expensive. brass fittings inject a vintage vibe. In addition, since brass faucets and fixtures have a negligible amount of iron, they are more corrosion-resistant than chrome and therefore recommended for use in abodes that are near coastal sea. Furthermore, there are many finishes and colours in bronze to choose from. The trending 'antique bronze' which looks black with copper highlights.

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Polished brass when sealed with a lacquer coating, will not age or tarnish easily. However, polished brass is higher maintenance since it tends to show fingerprints and the lacquer coating will dull over time.

#3. Use metal polish to ensure that the metal and chrome retain its luster and shine

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Metal polish removes oxidation, corrosion, stains and rust while it produces a brilliant reflective luster. Aside from that, reapplying the metal polish on the metal or chrome surface every couple of months, helps to prevent tarnishing while leaving an invisible layer of protective coating.

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Autosol Metal Polish has won three international gold medals and is recommended by manufacturers, museums and restoration experts around the world. Rub the metal polish on the surface with a rag, then leave it for about 5 minutes. When the time is up, rub the metal polish off with another rag.  

#4. Invest in a good dehumidifier 

Excessively moist air due to the coastal sea will cause mould, mildew and pests to thrive and dehumidifiers remove excess moisture from the air and reduce the viability of these in your home. When left untreated, living in a humid salt air environment will cause allergic reactions and even trigger severe asthma symptoms.

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Dehumidifiers help to create a healthier environment by eliminating mould, mildew  and pests like silverfish, cockroaches, and spiders. Lower humidity levels may also benefit people who have COPD.

#5. Use a quality dry cabinet for storing important household items

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A dry cabinet also called dehumidifying cabinet or dry box, is a special storage device that protects its content from a wide range of excess humidity-related problems such as moisture, mould and fungus infection. Aside from storing cameras and expensive SLR gears. However, the dry cabinets are especially useful for storing household items such as shoes, bags and much more!

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There are 2 types of dry cabinets; desiccant box (which is actually a simple sealed, airtight box containing desiccant such as silica gel) and  an electronic dry box (which comes equipped with a small control instrument for adjustment of the humidity levels).

#6. Pick a reliable anti-mould paint for your abode

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Using anti mould paint throughout the house can help to control and minimise the growth of mould. Such paint is specially formulated with a chemical called benzothiazolinone that prevents fungal growth even in areas with high humidity areas such as the bathroom. A reliable, quality anti mould paint may prevent surface fungal growth for up to five years.

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There are many types of anti-mould paint in the market; they include Nippon Paint Odour-Less Anti Mould, Nippon Vinilex 5170 Wall Sealer, Nippon Odour-less Anti-Mould Ceiling White, Dulux Professional Interior Anti-Mould, Ronseal Anti Mould paint and Raffles R. Anti Mould paint.

#7. Install insect screens to keep the pest out

Escaping the concrete jungle and living near the coast does not mean that you are free from pesky critters. Common pests that thrive in coastal places are aplenty and they will manifest in larger populations nearer to the bodies of water. The pests include blood-sucking mosquitoes, sand, kelp flies, beetles and dragon files. Installing insect screens on the window, balcony and door openings with fine mesh gaps will keep out the insects without blocking the ventilation.

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Magnetic insect mesh covers can be easily removed for cleaning or when you need access to the window handles. The mesh can also keep out lizards, birds and bats out while ensuring ample air flow throughout the house.

#8. Use anti-slam solutions for windows and doors

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Abodes that are next to the coastal sea bodies are blessed with strong winds that make the laundry dry faster and sea breeze scented. However, the strong drafts cause the windows and doors to slam frequently. To prevent the windows and doors from slamming, install door bumpers with magnets or anti-slam hinges so that the strong winds could not whip them close unexpectedly.   

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Lighter doors such as aluminium doors are are lighter weight and hence more prone to slamming. When the wind acts on the door, the crush force of the wind can severely injure fingers or toes especially when it comes to young children.

#9. Extend the coastal beach experience into your indoors

Thinking of bringing mother nature into your doorsteps and beyond? The modern coastal design, which infuses the minimalism of modern design with coastal elements, is trending. It is popular since it creates an indoor extension of the coastal space by emulating the calm coastal surroundings. The result is a carefully crafted experience that is sleek, crisp and filled with sunny beach colours.   

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Coastal beach design theme recreates the relaxing, sunny beach while the nautical design style emulates the interior of a working, sailing ship with design elements such as anchors, ropes and bottles.

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