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7 Ways to Design a Practical Guest Room in a Small Home

If you entertain every once in a while (or you just have a mother-in-law who loves to “drop by”), setting up a guest room for your visitors to crash for the night seems like the good host thing to do. But if you have a small home and little square footage, having a dedicated bedroom just for your guests might seem like an indulgence, especially since you won’t always have overnight visitors. To help you be the best host you can be even with a small space, we’ve consolidated some practical (but still welcoming) guest room ideas that won’t make you waste precious floor estate.

1. Make use of your bay window

Give your guests a sleeping area with a view by incorporating a daybed by your bay window. To make the most of the area, consider including storage drawers underneath.

A daybed is still useful even when you don’t have guests staying over. It functions like a chaise, for lounging or extra seating when you are hosting large groups.

Design: Free Space Intent

Once your guests take their leave, dress the area with plenty of cushions and turn it into a cosy reading alcove.

Design: Fifth Avenue Interior

2. Install a Murphy

Don’t have an extra room to spare? Incorporate a Murphy bed at your communal areas. A Murphy, also called a wall bed, can be pulled down for a flexible sleeping area and stowed away when not in use.

Once folded, this Murphy looks just like it’s part of the feature wall.

Design: Free Space Intent

Want your guest to have some privacy? Consider installing a flexible divider like a curtain around your Murphy bed.

Design: New Nyew

3. Double the guest room as a lepak corner

Make your guest room more multipurpose by doubling it as a lounge area where you can retreat to for some relaxing when you don’t have friends and family staying over.

A platform decked out with a zaisu chair and cushions is the perfect spot for unwinding. A single sized mattress is hidden underneath to accommodate overnight guests.

Design: Story of Us

Alternatively, locate the mattress on top and leave room for underneath platform storage.

Design: DB Studio

4. Get it together with your walk-in wardrobe

Still deciding whether the spare bedroom should be a walk-in wardrobe or your guest room? Why not have both?

Do up an enclosed walk-in wardrobe for more privacy.

Design: Dap Atelier

Placing the bed on a step-up platform helps to visually separate the closet area from the sleeping zone.

Design: My Reno Diary

5. Go loft style

Think tall if you are blessed with a higher ceiling in your small space. Build up a loft for your guest bed, and make use of the space underneath the loft bed by turning it into a home office.

Don’t forget a workstation’s essentials: bookshelves, storage and good lighting.

Design: Starry Homestead

Personal touches make your guests feel more welcome.

Design: Notion of W

6. Do up bunk beds

Here’s a space-saving solution when you need to accommodate more than one guest over: bunk beds.

Avoid the childish overtures of bunk beds by sticking with a classic black-and-white scheme.

Design: The Local Inn.terior

This guest room bunk bed is furnished with a mini wardrobe, which your longer term visitors will find very useful.

Design: Design 4 Space

7. Keep things concealed

If your guest room is multipurpose, you might want to consider going for concealed design elements to keep the mess and the visual clutter at bay when company is staying over.

Pocket doors and a pull-away drawer hide the study and wardrobe in this guest room.

Design: DS2000

This guest bedroom features hidden platform storage and a pop-up table.


This guest bedroom features hidden platform storage and a pop-up table.

Design: LS2 Design & Construction


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