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Popular Home Interior Breakdown Elements

Popular Home Interior Breakdown Elements

Prior the start of any home renovation project, homeowners will usually find themselves in a dilemma over which home design theme to use. Hence, knowing the core aspects of various interior design themes is the first critical step in choosing the right design theme. By gaining a basic understanding of various interior styles, their signature characteristics and how each style differs from each other, homeowners will be able to decide on which design theme to adopt.

P/S: The following list of interior design styles is not definitive and is just a selection of the most popular interior design themes. Usually depending on the homeowners’ preferences, renovation professionals typically blend a few design elements from a couple of decorating styles to bring out the individuality of each home.

Industrial Theme
The utilitarian look stems from converting warehouses, lofts and old buildings into living spaces.

1. Hearkens back turn-of-the-century industrial era;
2. Raw, edgy unfinished look of a “stripped-bare” architecture that exposes building elements such as pipes, ducts, bricks, unpolished steel or stainless steel beams, columns, exposed concrete, rustic wood, in short…. building materials which homeowners typically try to conceal!
3. Worn down, salvaged or recycled industrial-looking ornaments, artwork or accent pieces made from steel, metal or wood, large hanging pendant lamps are used to complete the look.

 Color Palette
Warm, neutral tones such as shades and tones of gray.

Paint-Color.-Gray-Paint-Color-Ideas.-Designer-Tips-for-Gray-Paint-Color.-PaintColor-GrayPaint-via homebunch, HDTV Magazine

Use artwork and leafy green plants to soften the harsh look and inject life and color into the home interiors.





Interior Designer: Living Gaia

Scandinavian ThemeThis popular, minimalist look is widely associated with IKEA, the iconic global furniture chain store.

1. All about simplicity, functionality and minimalism;
2.  Centers around clean lines, versatile aesthetic, functionality and understated elegance; 
3. Light is considered to be extremely important; interiors are usually imbued in light, earthy muted tones, natural materials and minimal ornamentation;
4. Simple white washed wood, birch, pine or even cool grey stone tiles are used for floors (except the bathroom) to create the airy feel and draw attention to the interior craftsmanship;
5. Rustic wood grain furniture that is minimalist yet functional are used.

Color Palette
White, cream, soft dove grey and muted tones of pale blue and green.

Scandinavian colors

via HouseBeautiful

Homeowners can also make a bold design statement by using graphics and colorful arrangements; in fact, this approach has been adopted by noteworthy designers such as Marimekko, a Finnish design company.






Interior Designer: KDOT Associates

Coastal aka Nautical ThemeThis relaxing, breezy and bright style originates from the 3s; Sun, Sand and Surf! This style is all about bringing the cheerful energizing ocean and beach life into the home interiors.

1. Evokes beach-side cottage spirit!
2. Warm, relaxing and carefree feel; essentially about mimicking the experience of a serene and tranquil beach life!
3. Beach related motif such as seashells, unfinished wood pieces and ropes are traditionally used as decorative accents;
4. Furnishings crafted from natural fibers and organic materials such as sea grass, straw, jute, wickers, rattan or even natural oak are used;
5. Worn, bleached and pale driftwood, planks or whitewashed pickled wood and blond maple are usually used as the furniture.

Color Palette
Pale neutrals, sandy beige, light cream, off-whites, charcoal, barely-there light blues, azure cool aqua, light teal, turquoise and khaki.

Nautical color theme

Use off white or cream colored linen, cotton rugs, and muslin curtain panels for the window treatment;
Add a few touches of rope for cabinet and drawer pulls to inject more texture and interest to the coastal theme.






Interior Designer: Urban Habitat Design

Modern Theme

The modern style design is clean-lined, focuses on function over form and avoids the excessive decorative elements.

1. Generally very simple and minimal with few ornamental features; no excessive accessories and decorations;  
2. Features clean lines,  flat and polished surfaces with minimal use of textures;
3. Signature materials are glossy, smooth and includes metals such as stainless steel; plastic, glass and mirrors are common;
4.  Furniture and layout is balanced asymmetrically;
 5. Wood is usually painted over with an opaque finish to hide its natural wood grain.

Color Palette
Neutral Colors



Some designers use natural wood as an organic contrast and plants to make the home interior look less cold and harsh.





Interior Designer: Sky Creation Design

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