12 Platform Bed Ideas to Take Your Bedroom to the Next Level

  • Aug 17, 2020

Besides giving your bedroom seriously stylish vibes, a platform bed also has quite a bit of practical advantages. For one, it adds extra storage space. to your bedroom. For another, it can also help to reduce visual clutter in your bedroom by integrating with other furniture. If you have a great view outside your bedroom, a platform bed also brings you closer to the window. Draw inspiration from these platform bed ideas to level up on your bedroom style.

1. Keep a low profile

A low-lying platform makes it easier on the knees or your furkids if they have a habit of jumping into bed with you. Include warm LED strip lights on the undersides for a soft glow effect and that boutique hotel feels. Design: Space Atelier

2. Divide and conquer

The platform distinguishes where the sleeping area from the glass-encased walk-in wardrobe is. But the step-up also lends an air of exclusivity for the sleep zone, creating a sense of privacy. Design: My Reno Diary Interior Design

3. Focal point

In this spacious bedroom, the platform bed helps to anchor the large space and create a focal point for the bedroom. Instead of going for separate nightstands, the extra space by the sides of the bed function as bedside catch-alls. Design: Ace Space Design

4. Keeping it together

This platform storage bed was integrated together with a low console located at the foot of the bed. Working as an informal study, the console features a recessed area to provide legroom for cross-legged sitting. Curved ends help to offset the straight lines and edges of the bedroom, softening the overall look of the space. Design: Lemonfridge Studio

5. Bucking conventions

Unlike the conventional definition of platform beds, this version is a pull-out bed built underneath a platform. The bed can be stowed away during the day to free up floor space in the bedroom, while the platform can be used as a multi-purpose lounging area. [gallery columns="2" link="none" size="full" ids="70457,70458"] Design: Story of Us

6. Self-reflection

Incorporate mirrored drawers in your platform bed if you are struggling with space. They are great for bouncing around more light so that your bedroom can appear brighter and more spacious. Design: The Orange Cube

7. No more walls

Instead of concrete walls, a platform bed serves as the divider in this open-plan bedroom, which also features a home office and a walk-in wardrobe. It marks the zone out for sleeping, keeping it separated visually from the rest of the bedroom. Design: Design Chapterz

8. Lofty heights

Take advantage of your tall ceiling with a tall platform bed that packs plenty of storage room while lending serious loft vibes. Design: United Team Lifestyle

9. Reverse psychology

Rather than focus the platform on just the area of your bed, have most of your bedroom resting on a platform, just like in this bedroom. Only the wardrobe area here was set on the original flooring height to maximise storage space. It’s a grand gesture that will definitely have your bedroom feel extra plush. Design: Zenith Arc

10. Waste not, want not

This entire platform bed comprises of storage, which really helps to maximise the square footage in this small bedroom. No space went to waste here! Keep less frequently used items in areas where they are less accessible. Design: The Minimalist Society

11. Seoul searching

Reminiscent of bedrooms in South Korea, the homeowners adopted a low platform bed that was combined with a petite cubby storage unit. This provided a more streamlined aesthetic and together with a simple colour palette, kept things minimalist and clutter-free. Design: Areana Creation

12. It takes two to tango

In this bedroom for two, a platform bed sets both sleeping areas on a different level, which offers more privacy for the occupants without having to take up any visual space. Design: I-Chapter  
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