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Pick out furniture that has several functions


If this is the room you use regularly, it must suit your everyday needs.

A well-designed room means that it works aesthetically as well as functionally. One without the other is not a well-designed room.

I agree with you that a large, square coffee table would be appropriate while entertaining but would not be correct when the chairs and ottoman are used as a unit.

It is also important to point out that today rooms serve many purposes and that concept is here to stay. We must adapt to make rooms multifunctional.

This is a prime example. You want to use it the majority of the time with one furniture arrangement that suits your everyday life­style. For a small percentage of the time, you’d like to make a slight adjustment to adapt to a different situ­ation.

In graphing it out, I don’t see any reason why you can’t accomplish both ends, but the solution is not an ordinary one. To me, this is an advantage because it’s more in­teresting.

I would either buy or have made two triangular-shaped tables that can be used separately or together.

When apart, they are placed in front of the sofa, creating a space in which the angled ottoman can be used without interfering with the triangular tables. The angles also align with one another to make it very attractive.

When placed together in front of the sofa and squared-off chairs, the two combine to form a large 42-inch coffee table for entertaining.

If you’re able to purchase two triangular tables, I would consider brass and glass. If you’re going to have them made, a cherry or lac­quered frame with a glass insert would be a possibility. Regardless, the glass is important to lighten the look so the tables don’t appear heavy in the room.

Often in design what we perceive to be a relatively minor prob­lem, because it’s only one item in a room, is actually a rather major de­sign problem, because its solution determines the success of the entire room.

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